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Primary view of Absolute Beta Counting Using Thick Sources
Anderson, Miles E., 1926-
Primary view of Analyzing Magnet System for the Electrostatic Accelerator
Young, Thomas E.
August 1954
Primary view of The Angular Distribution and Total Flux of Neutrons Obtained from the Deuterium-Tritium Reaction
Duggan, Jerome L.
Primary view of The Angular Distribution of the Deuterium-Deuterium Neutrons with 100 Kev Deuterons
Hackfield, Bobby J.
Primary view of Antiferromagnetic Ordering in Picryl-Amino-Carbazyl
Porter, Wilbur A.
August 1964
Primary view of Application of the Wigner Formalism to a Slightly Relativistic Quantum Plasma
Harper, John H.
August 1967
Primary view of Automatic Frequency Control of Microwave Radiation Sources
Payne, Bobby D.
August 1979
Primary view of Backscattering from Prolate Spheroids at Microwave Frequencies
Sybert, Jim
Primary view of Boundary Scattering of Electrons in Thin Cadmium Single Crystals
Fortmayer, Gary William
August 1968
Primary view of A Calculation of the Kaon-Neutron Scattering Cross Section
Hooper, Robert Gibson
June 1966
Primary view of Carbon Contamination Measurements in Single Silicon Crystals
Logsdon, Lawrence E.
December 1970
Primary view of Chlorine Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Absorption of 3, 4, 5, 6 - Tetrachlorophthalimide and 1, 3, 6, 8 - Tetrachloropyrene
Reeves, Jerry Byron
January 1968
Primary view of The Classical Limit of Quantum Mechanics
Hefley, Velton Wade
December 1977
Primary view of A Computer Analysis of Complex Gamma-Ray Spectra
Cunningham, William K.
August 1965
Primary view of A Continuously Sensitive Cloud Chamber
Hughes, James E.
Primary view of A Correction Factor for the First Born Approximation
Russell, Jerry Brent
January 1965
Primary view of Cross-Section at 15.6 and 16.1 MeV
Pepper, George H.
May 1969
Primary view of Cross Section for the 165/Ho (n, 2n) 164/Ho Reaction at 15.6 MeV
Lear, Richard D.
August 1969
Primary view of Cross Section Measurements in Praseodymium-141 as a Function of Neutron Bombarding Energy
Marsh, Stephen Addison
May 1971
Primary view of Crystalline Polymorphism of Nitrates
Shepherd, Jimmie G.
Primary view of D-D and D-T Neutron Excitation of Energy Levels in Cs133
Dawson, Horace Ray
January 1961
Primary view of A Decay Scheme for 164 Ho
Guertin, James
December 1972
Primary view of Design and Construction of a Positive Radio-Frequency Ion Source for the Production of Negative Ions
Thompson, B. Cecil
August 1958
Primary view of Design and Testing of a Coincidence System
Barnes, W. L., Jr.
January 1961