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Primary view of Absorptive Capacity:  An Empirical Examination of the Phenomenon and Relationships with Firm Capabilities
Daspit, Josh
May 2012
Primary view of An Analysis of the Understanding of Authority Relationships Between Chief District Administrators and Chief Campus Administrators in Multicampus Junior College Systems
VanTrease, Dean Paul
December 1972
Primary view of Authentic Transformational Leadership and Implicit Leadership Theories.
Nichols, Thomas W.
August 2008
Primary view of Career Decisions and Job Values of Seniors in the College of Business Administration, North Texas State University
Burton, Gene E.
August 1974
Primary view of The Changing Role of Planning in Commercial Banks: The Computer and Management Science
Colin, J. W.
August 1971
Primary view of Cognitive Complexity in Group Performance and Satisfaction
Mayer, Bradley Wayne
December 1996
Primary view of Conglomerate Performance as Influenced by Selected Management Practices
Ablowich, Edgar Allen, 1913-
May 1973
Primary view of Criteria by Which Ad Hoc Labor Arbitrators are Selected by Union and Management Advocates in the Petroleum Refining Industry
Wayland, Robert F. (Robert Franklin)
August 1990
Primary view of A Cross-Racial Study of Small Business Managers
Howard, Kenneth W.
August 1973
Primary view of Cultural Diversity and Team Performance: Testing for Social Loafing Effects
Heller, Deanna M. (Deanna Marcell)
May 1997
Primary view of Effects of Venture Team Demographic Characteristics on Team Interpersonal Process Effectiveness in Computer Related Venture Teams
Ochani, Manju
August 1996
Primary view of An Emotional Business:  the Role of Emotional Intelligence in Entrepreneurial Success
McLaughlin, Erin B.
May 2012
Primary view of An empirical investigation of manufacturing flexibility and organizational performance as moderated by strategic integration and organizational infrastructure.
Rogers, Pamela Rose Patterson
August 2008
Primary view of An Empirical Investigation of Personal and Situational Factors That Relate to the Formation of Entrepreneurial Intentions
Summers, David F. (David Frederic), 1948-
August 1998
Primary view of An Empirical Investigation of Personality and Situational Predictors of Job Burnout
Caudill, Helene L. (Helene Litowsky)
December 1996
Primary view of An Empirical Investigation of the Effectiveness of Using Assigned, Easy Goals to Strengthen Self-efficacy Perceptions and Personal Goals in Complex Task Performance
Endres, Megan L. (Megan Lee)
December 1998
Primary view of An Empirical Investigation of the Interaction Effects of Leader-Member Locus of Control on Participation in Strategic Decision Making
May, Ruth C. (Ruth Carolyn)
May 1995
Primary view of Environmental Scanning Practices of Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria
Sawyerr, Olukemi Olaitan
May 1992
Primary view of An Examination of the Similarities and Differences Between Transformational and Authentic Leadership and Their Relationship to Followers' Outcomes
McKee, Victoria
August 2013
Primary view of Examining Curvilinearity and Moderation in the Relationship between the Degree of Relatedness of Individual Diversification Actions and Firm Performance
Cernas Ortiz, Daniel Arturo
May 2011
Primary view of Executive Participation in Innovation as a Function of Age and Tenure
Donnelly, Clifford V.
August 1973
Primary view of Explicating the Managerial Processes of Dynamic Capabilities and Investigating How the Reconceptualized Construct Influences the Alignment of Ordinary Capabilities
Davis, Phillip E.
August 2014
Primary view of High Risk Occupations: Employee Stress and Behavior Under Crisis
Russell, Lisa M.
August 2011
Primary view of The Impact of Social Capital and Dynamic Capabilities on New Product Development:  An Investigation of the Entertainment Software Industry
Voelker, Troy A.
August 2008