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Adult Christian Education for Baby Boomers: a Descriptive Case Study of Three American Churches

Description: American churches seeking to assimilate baby boomers are struggling to meet the adult educational needs of this group. To determine what models of church-based adult education are used to meet the educational needs of this group, three large, growing American churches known for attracting boomers were identified as sites for research. A qualitative case study research design was used and results were compared using cross-case analysis. Initial data collection included a three-day visit at each church. Data were collected in three phases: Phase One consisted of personal interviews with staff and lay leaders; Phase Two focused on observation of adult education events which took place during the visitation period; Phase Three involved gathering materials that described adult education programs. To optimize the reliability and accuracy of the findings data were subjected to examination by peers, collection methods were applied consistently in each research phase, follow-up contacts were made with each church to verify observations and findings, and case records were created for each site. Eleven categories were selected and the data were presented by category. Within each category, data were delineated and organized into three areas: trends among the churches, noteworthy comments about individual programs, and comparison to the literature in the adult education field.
Date: August 1994
Creator: Donahue, William P. (William Paul)
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The Role of Learning in Emergency Physicians' Process of Changing Practice Behavior

Description: The sequence of events leading to the implementation of a change in emergency physicians' practice and the learning activities and processes undertaken are examined and described in this study. A qualitative case study design was utilized and semi-structured interviews were employed as the primary means of data collection. Thirty emergency physicians were interviewed in face-to-face or telephone interviews. One change that required learning was selected per physician for an in-depth interview. The following factors were examined: motivation to change a practice behavior, time to implementation of changes, source of awareness, barriers to change, use of learning resources, stages in the change process, and method of learning.
Date: May 1994
Creator: Garcia, Rebecca, 1953-
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A Historical Study of the Impact of the Christian Development on the Contributions of Frank C. Laubach in Literacy Education

Description: Frank C. Laubach made substantial contributions both to literacy education and the Christian life. There were between sixty and one hundred million people who learned to read through his literacy campaigns. He traveled to 130 countries developing literacy primers in 312 languages. At the same time, Laubach was a missionary mystic, spiritual experimenter and leader among Protestant Christians. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between two important parts of Laubach's life: his Christian development and literacy education. The study presents an overview of the family and social background of Frank C. Laubach from a chronological framework. Additional chapters examine: the importance of i-he Christian disciplines in Laubach's life, the impact of the missionary call and Laubach's concern for Christian social responsibility. The final chapter summarizes and evaluates the research. Both the Laubach collection, found in the George Arents Research Library at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, and the library at Laubach Literacy International in Syracuse, provided the resources for comprehensive research in the life of Frank C. Laubach.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Lawson, J. Gregory (James Gregory)
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The Relationship of Locus of Control Orientation to the Academic Achievement of Doctoral Students

Description: This study sought to determine the extent a relationship exists between locus of control and the rate of completion for proposal and dissertation defense among doctoral students. Levenson's Internal, Powerful Others, and Chance scales were utilized to identify locus of control orientation. Findings indicated that: (1) a majority, 102, scored highest on the Internal scale; (2) Internal scale scores above the median related to increased probability of a proposal and dissertation defense and to reduced time in reaching those points; (3) no significant difference was found between male and female defensive externals in completing the proposal or dissertation defense; and (4) females tended to score higher than males on the Internal scale. Among conclusions drawn are: (1) Internal scale scores above the median relate to a reduced length of time to complete the proposal and dissertation defense; and (2) few doctoral candidates scoring higher on the Powerful Others or Chance scales were identified in this doctoral program after the point of qualifying examinations.
Date: May 1987
Creator: Wentzel, Marcela Luise
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A Study of the Incidence of Learning Disabilities among Soldiers in the U. S. Army's Basic Skills Education Program

Description: One of the U.S. Army's requirements for reenlistment of first term soldiers is a minimum score on the General Technical composite of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery of one hundred. The score is a measure of academic ability. The primary goal of the Basic Skills Education Program is to assist the soldier in gaining basic skills, with a secondary goal of enabling him or her to retest at a sufficient level to become eligible for reenlistment. While most soldiers are able to meet this goal, a few are unable to achieve an acceptable score on the retest. It was hypothesized that some of these soldiers are learning disabled. The Army has not recognized learning disabilities or the need of the learning disabled for special teaching and testing methods. This study was designed to identify students enrolled in the Basic Skills Education Program who are learning disabled. Two instruments were involved: the Revised BETA II, which yields a measure of aptitude, and the Tests of Adult Basic Education, which produce achievement scores in the areas of reading, mathematics, language, and spelling. The instruments were correlated on 112 soldiers from the Training Brigade at Fort Bliss, Texas. They were then administered to 100 first term soldiers enrolled in the Basic Skills Education Program at Fort Bliss. Two formulae acceptable in the field of learning disabilities were applied to the results. The Frequency of Regression Prediction Discrepancy model identified nine soldiers as learning disabled in ten academic areas. The Standard Score Difference model, which does not account for regression, identified sixteen soldiers in twenty four areas. With evidence that learning disabled soldiers exist in the Basic Skills Education Program, recommendations were made that the U. S. Army recognize and address learning disabilities and incorporate appropriate testing and teaching methods to accommodate those ...
Date: May 1989
Creator: Walsh, Velma Joy
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Toward the Identification of a Body of Classic or Seminal Works in Adult Education: a Citation Analysis

Description: This bibliometric study examined 19,385 citations in the bibliographies, book reviews, and reading lists of 70 volumes of Adult Education Quarterly, Adult Education, Adult Education Bulletin, Adult Education Journal, and Journal of Adult Education, and 13 volumes of the Handbook of Adult Education in the United States to identify books published before 1960 which have been frequently cited before and after 1960. Through citation analysis, an initial list of 434 titles was reduced to a core list of 64 books cited five times or more during the years between 1934 and 1988. For the purposes of this study, numbers of citations were taken to mean importance of works by indicating usefulness to subsequent authors. Of the 64 books, 55 had received at least one citation before 1960 and 57 had received at least one citation after 1960. While not all 64 of the core works constitute what might be called "classic works," it is suggested that classic works are likely to be found within the listed works.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Newcomer, Jane E. (Jane Elisabeth)
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An Analysis of the Continuing Education-Community Service Programs in the Public Junior-Community Colleges of the State of Texas

Description: The problem with which this study is concerned is the analysis of the status of continuing education-community service programs within the public junior-community colleges of the state of Texas as these programs are viewed (1) from the areas of funding, faculty and facility allocations, (2) from the areas of the educational and professional preparation and responsibility of the leaders who are assigned to direct these programs, and (3) from the area of community involvement in program planning. Based on the problem a survey was developed; 142 administrators responded (61.2 per cent).
Date: May 1985
Creator: Grigsby, Lindle D. (Lindle Dean)
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The Relationship of Faculty Attitudes Toward Adult Community College Students and Certain Selected Personality Types of Faculty

Description: This research study posed the following questions: Does a faculty member's perceptions of his/her attitudes toward college students over the age of twenty-nine differ significantly from those students' perceptions of the faculty member's attitudes toward them? Are different faculty personality types, as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, related to differing faculty attitudes toward college students over the age of twenty-nine? An attempt to answer these questions was made through the evaluation of three differing questionnaires administered to the population of faculty members and their students over the age of twenty-nine at a small, rural community college in Texas. One questionnaire was administered to the students to elicite [sic] their perception of a faculty member's attitudes toward them as students who were older than the traditional college student. A second questionnaire asked a series of questions of the faculty members to determine the faculty members' attitudes toward students over the age of twenty-nine. The third instrument used was the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; this indicator was used in an attempt to determine each faculty member's personality type.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Williams, Bobby Frank
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Factors Influencing a Graduate Student to Pursue an Advanced Degree in Adult and Continuing Education

Description: This study investigated factors reported by graduate students which influenced them to pursue a graduate degree in Adult and Continuing Education. A survey instrument was developed by three primary methods: (1) review of literature, (2) recommendations of former graduate students, and (3) recommendations of a panel of experts. The instrument was divided into three broad areas: (1) demographic information, (2) two open-ended questions, and (3) influential factors as reported in other studies.
Date: May 1983
Creator: Ingram, Nellie Williams
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