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The Reverend Carl D. McIntire v. the Fairness Doctrine

Description: This study explored the development of the Federal Communications Commission's Fairness Doctrine policy from its beginnings in the 1920's until the FCC eliminated most of its requirements in 1987. The chapters discuss the Reverend Carl D. McIntire's battle with the FCC concerning the policy's impact on free speech in broadcasting. McIntire lost his battle with the FCC and became the first broadcaster to lose his license for Fairness Doctrine violations. The problem in this study focused on the difficulty of reconciling government regulation of broadcasting with the rights of licensees to speak freely and be heard by their listeners. The study concluded that today the FCC advocates First Amendment protection for broadcasters but it remains questionable whether present policy will continue.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Townsend, Larry A. (Larry Allan)
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Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Description: Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a kind of self-defense with its own forms of fighting which are different from the self-defense styles of other countries, whether it is in a form of wrestling, Karate, Taekon-do, etc.. Muay Thai is not only fighting for self-defense but also an art and science demonstrated by using various parts of body and movement resulting into forms of offense and defense. This documentary film was made for educational purpose and to spread the art of Thai Boxing to foreigners. VHS video tape was used as a medium to present this documentary. There are two segments in this Muay Thai Documentary. The first segment presents the history, circumstances, and general techniques of Muay Thai. The second segment shows the everyday life of ordinary boxers by using a Thai child named Noppadol as an representative for other fighters.
Date: May 1986
Creator: Jusakul, Abhijati
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The Emergence of Christian Television: the First Decade, 1949-1959

Description: The purpose of this research was to describe the relationship and to compare the programming of major Christian ministries during the first decade of Christian television. A historical perspective was the method used in identifying and explaining the events and activities that constituted Christian television from 1949 to 1959. The results of the research concluded that Christian television began at a time of social trauma, unrest, and confusion in America. Competition for a viewing audience was not a factor. Leading personalities presented themselves as independent thinkers who also saw themselves as "preachers" with a strong desire to succeed. Motivation was provided by a sense of "dominion" that emerged from the Great Awakenings within the churches of America that became a driving force in the first three decades of this century.
Date: August 1990
Creator: Roush, Edward W. (Edward Wesley)
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Channel 2, Denton, Texas: A Retrospective

Description: This study explored the evolution of Denton's VHF educational television assignment Channel 2, from its inception on April 14, 1952, to September 2, 1977. The problem was to discern why the channel remained inactive for twenty-five years. Chapters explore the attempts of broadcast interests to acquire control of the channel, and discuss why they were unsuccessful. The study concludes that a lack of finances, combined with the apathy and self-interests of Denton's educational leaders, prevented the channel's utilization. Federal Communications Commission policy allowed Denton's educators more time to raise money for a Denton station. Other conclusions suggest that the channel not be reassigned and that it be activated.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Felber, Mark D.
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Grandy's Training: Production of Five Films

Description: Grandy's Country Cookin' Inc. is a chain of restaurants specializing in fried chicken dinners. standardized instructional films were needed to teach employees Grandy's operational procedures. The producer was commissioned to make five films to provide visual job descriptions for new employees and managers. These fast-paced films depict actual job situations: "Chicken Cutting," "Breakfast Preparation," "Customer Relations," "System of Operation," and "Drive-Thru Relations," "System of Operation," and "Drive-Thru Service." An accompanying production book describes the making of Grandy's Training. The book examines the background against which the project was proposed, details the problems and procedures of production, and describes the experience of dealing with a client at a professional level.
Date: December 1981
Creator: Chiles, Andrew John
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