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Effects of Ten Weeks of Deep Water Running or Land Based Run Training

Description: Populations that utilize deep water running (DWR) are described in Chapter I. A review of the literature concerning studies comparing peak physiological variables of water exercises (swimming, DWR, & land based running) to land based exercises (cycle ergometer, walking, & running) are presented in Chapter II. The protocols utilized for obtaining peak values on land and in the water along with subject characteristics, statistical methods and description of the training regimen are discussed in Chapter HI. The results, presented in Chapter IV, indicate no interaction between any of the variables measured but a main effect for treadmill V02 peak for the pre- and post testing. Chapter V discusses factors which may limit physiological changes within each training group. Chapter VI contains suggestions for further research.
Date: May 1995
Creator: Morrow, Matthew J. (Matthew John)
Partner: UNT Libraries