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Analysis and Evaluation of the Role of Public Relations in Leasing Dallas Petroleum Center

Description: The problem in this study was to discover if the public relations program of the Dallas Petroleum Center was useful in leasing and if the program played a significant role in a leasing increase. The study was carried out by describing the development of the building project, by analyzing the planning and execution of the public relations program, by testing the program's effectiveness, and by drawing conclusions about the program and by making recommendations for this specific program and for office leasing in general. The effectiveness of the program was tested by questionnaires and interviews. The public relations program proved to be an effective tool in leasing office space; and a similar program was recommended for other buildings.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Ainsworth, Doris Stewart
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Community Attitudes Toward the "Bowie News" as a News-Advertising Medium

Description: This study measured attitudes of newspaper staff members, advertisers, subscribers, and power structure members toward the Bowie News as a news and advertising medium. Three hypotheses were tested: that members of the power structure would have a more favorable attitude toward the Bowie News than other readers; that the Bowie News would play an active role as an instrument of the power structure; and that all four publics would differ in their perception of the newspaper's role in getting information to the community. The hypotheses were tested by a t test and rejected. Publics' attitudes were homogeneous. It was concluded that the Bowie News reflects consensus opinion within the community and is a trusted news source.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Whitfield, James Daniel
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Magazine News and Editorial Coverage of the 1973 Chilean Military Coup

Description: The study focused on the positive or negative direction shown in 57 articles from ten English-language magazines covering the 1973 military coup in Chile, September 1 to December 31, 1973, inclusive. Magazines chosen were from the fields of news, religion, opinion, and business. Direction was determined by comparing individual thought units within articles against a category table comprising mutually exclusive pairs of thought units. Directional value of each article was determined by positive and negative ratios. Results showed a wide variation in scores, with news magazines adhering most closely to the objective ideal. Recommendations for further study included long-term study of single magazines or classes of magazines for direction, and an expanded mathematical analysis.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Hunnicutt, Robert W.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Methods of Promoting Country Music Records in the Atlanta, Georgia Area

Description: This study examined promoting recorded country music from Atlanta, Georgia, and explored why Atlanta is important in this field. It was learned, through interviews, that promoters wanted radio airplay and top trade publication chart ratings. Radio station program directors decided upon playlists from reading trade publications, efforts by record promoters, listener requests and focus groups, and from reported sales. Stores used album and poster displays, charts, and played music for promotion. The business is one of personalities and experience, as much as product promoted. Large conglomerates are fast changing it.
Date: May 1986
Creator: Fogel, Betty Cruikshank
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An Analysis of the Frequency of Readership and Influence of a Home Furnishings Trade Magazine

Description: Market Place is a home furnishings trade magazine circulated free to approximately 35,000 employees in the home furnishings industry. The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of determining whether three demographic characteristics, including type of business, position, and experience, affect frequency of readership or influence of the magazine. Questionnaires were mailed in the spring of 1975 to a random sample of 1,000 recipients of Market Place. Analysis of the data showed that, although most of the recipients have a high frequency of readership of Market Place, the groups hypothesized to read most frequently and to be most influenced by the magazine did not read and were not influenced most frequently.
Date: August 1975
Creator: Greaney, Harriet H.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the Relationship of Comparative Advertising and Culture in Japanese Natives in the Dallas, Texas Area

Description: This study was designed to test whether Japanese natives who retained traditional Japanese value orientations and who resided in the Dallas, Texas area would have unfavorable attitude toward the concept of comparative television advertising. Data were collected from 104 respondents of varying sex, age, education, occupation, length of stay in the United Sates, intention of settling in the United States, and television viewing horse. All null hypotheses were accepted, indicting that cultural influence among Japanese natives in the Dallas area did not result fin unfavorable attitude toward comparative advertising despite the fact that in Japan, the name of names in advertising is counter to basic Japanese culture and tradition.
Date: May 1979
Creator: Fukawa, Kazuhisa
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Attitudes of Foreign Students at North Texas State University Toward American Advertising

Description: The problem of this study was to determine whether any relationship existed between foreign students' cultural and economic backgrounds and their attitudes toward American advertising and advertising media. The major findings of this study were that foreign students had a slightly favorable attitude toward American advertising and spent a great deal of time with American mass media. The stage of economic development of foreign students' home countries and the length of time foreign students stayed in the United States were powerful group predictors of their attitudes toward American advertising.
Date: August 1980
Creator: Chung, O-Jeeru
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A Case Study of Public Relations Efforts in Three Dallas Retirement Facilities

Description: This study compared the public relations efforts in three Dallas retirement facilities against suggested standards of professional public relations practitioners to determine which standards each facility utilized. Externally, all three facilities related to the community in an "above average" way, as indicated by their utilization of the twenty-two suggested standards. Internally, two facilities related to residents and staff in a "superior" way, and one facility related in an "average way," as indicated by their utilization of the twenty-two suggested external standards and twenty suggested internal standards. The conclusions drawn from this study are that retirement facility administrators, in general, are not fully aware of the internal and external public relations strategies that could benefit them within the community and with residents.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Martin, William Todd
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A Case Study of the Public Relations Programs of the Six Southern Baptist Seminaries

Description: The study examined the similarities and differences in the public relations programs of the six Southern Baptist Convention-owned seminaries. Using data collected from surveys and interviews, the study found the general perception of public relations at each seminary good, although some constituencies did not understand the public relations program's purpose. Cooperation among the six seminaries was limited, and most respondents said individual needs kept the seminaries from working more cooperatively. The diversity of primary job responsibilities makes cooperation limited since all programs do not share the same assignments. Limited historical documentation is available on the growth of the public relations programs. The study includes four chapters: a general introduction; an historical overview; analysis of data; and conclusions and recommendation for further study.
Date: December 1984
Creator: Poole, Philip
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Changing Face of Ralph Lauren's Advertising: A New Lifestyle Image and Increased Nudity

Description: Advertising, which is an important sales tool for brands to the masses, may produce lasting impressions of a company and its products. These impressions rely on a consistent message over time to maintain a brand's image. This study examines how Ralph Lauren's advertising images have changed from a country club lifestyle image to urban/hip. In addition, the study examines the increased use of nudity and sexual imagery in Lauren's advertising. The findings were obtained by content analyzing all Ralph Lauren advertisements appearing in Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine from 1980 to 2000 (N=283). The study finds that Ralph Lauren lifestyle images have become more urban/hip, and that Lauren's advertising is utilizing more nudity, sexual interaction, and homoerotic imagery. By examining Ralph Lauren's shifting brand image via its advertising, this study contributes to a greater understanding of the connection between advertising and a company's brand image.
Date: August 2001
Creator: LaCaze, Tray
Partner: UNT Libraries

China's Propaganda in the United States During World War II

Description: The study examined China's conduct of its most important overseas propaganda activities in the United States during World War II. The findings showed that the main characteristics of China's propaganda in the United States in the war years included, (a) official propaganda in the United States was operated by the Chinese News Service and its branch offices in several cities; (b) unofficial propaganda involved work by both Americans and Chinese, among them, missionaries, newspapermen, and businessmen who tried to help China for different reasons; (c) both China lobby and Red China lobby, changed people's image about China, either the Nationalists or the Communists; and (d) propaganda toward the overseas Chinese in the United States was to collect donations and stir up patriotism.
Date: August 1980
Creator: Tsang, Kuo-jen
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparative Analysis of Press Coverage of the 1974 Cyprus Crisis by the Turkish Newspaper, "Cumhuriyet," and the Greek Newspaper, "To Vima"

Description: This study is concerned with determining whether the Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet, and the Greek newspaper, To Vima, differed in their coverage of the 1974 Cyprus crisis, Issues of the newspapers covering the period, July 16-August 31, 1974, were examined, News items related to the crisis were categorized as hard news, soft news, editorials, and illustrations. Totals for each category were measured in column inches and converted to percentages of total available space in each newspaper, Categories were added to obtain total coverage of the crisis by each newspaper. This study concludes that Cumhuriyet devoted proportionately more coverage to the crisis than To Vima, in both total coverage and all news categories.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Pasadeos, Yorgo
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparative Content Analysis of ITAR-TASS's and the United Press International's Coverage of the Russian Referendum in April 1993

Description: A comparative content analysis was conducted to determine whether the Russian (ITAR-TASS) and the American (UPI) wire service coverage of President Boris Yeltsin in the April 25, 1993, referendum was balanced and unbiased. Also, the amount of space dedicated to this topic was measured. Study results indicate that ITAR-TASS was more critical of Yeltsin prior to the referendum than UPI, and that there was no statistically important difference between the two wire services in their post referendum coverage. UPI articles were almost 30% longer than the ITAR-TASS articles. Each UPI article was on an average more than 220 words longer than were the ITAR-TASS articles.
Date: May 1994
Creator: Glad, Lotte Marie
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparative Content Analysis of the Editorial Positions of the Christian Century and Christianity Today on Selected Social and Moral Issues

Description: This study compared the editorial positions of two magazines, The Christian Century and Christianity Today, on seven social and moral issues, then compared each magazine's positions with the opinions of their intended audiences. A directional content analysis was conducted that determined the editorial positions. On all four issues for which comparison was possible, the magazines demonstrated a marked difference in direction. These positions were compared with the published opinions of those social groups identified as representative of each magazine's intended audience. There was marked disagreement between each magazine and its intended audience on three of the five issues for which comparison was possible.
Date: December 1985
Creator: Warner, Gregory Dann
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparative Content Analysis of The Lewisville News-Advertiser and Lewisville Daily Leader

Description: The problem with which this study is concerned is that of determining what differences, if any, existed between two newspapers with different circulation characteristics and whether the two papers were in competition. The thrice-weekly News-Advertiser and the five-day daily Leader were measured by a content analysis over eight weeks and by a readership and advertiser survey. This study concludes that the two newspapers are in competition in six of eleven designated categories of the content analysis, using Spearman rho and t-tests. However, the two newspapers seemed to be aiming at different markets in Lewisville, because one paper subscribes to a news service and prints thousands of inches of wire news and the other paper is all local news.
Date: May 1980
Creator: Frerichs, Colleen Doolin
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparative Content Analysis of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report Coverage of the 1979 Energy Crisis

Description: This study was designed to determine whether Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report news magazines expressed. opinions in their coverage of four topics concerning the 1979 energy crisis: United States government, OPEC, oil companies, and consumers. A content analysis of all stories in the three magazines from May to December 1979 indicated that Time was the most opinionated, U.S. News & World Report was second, and Newsweek was most neutral in coverage of the energy crisis. The percentage of article space allotted had no apparent effect upon the magazines' handling of those topics.
Date: May 1982
Creator: Frazier, Julia Alicia
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Between the State of Public Relations Education and the Views of Public School Public Information Directors and University Journalism Department Chairmen Concerning Public Relations Education

Description: Data obtained through interviews with eleven directors of school public information directors and four university chairmen in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex indicated that they are generally satisfied with public relations education being housed in the journalism department, with course format, and with undergraduate study and specialization; and that they are dissatisfied with practitioner-educator relationships. Some of their recommendations included that graduatelevel study be offered more often, and that more emphasis be placed in the curriculum on specific areas of public relations, the social sciences, and the news-editing side of communications studies.
Date: May 1980
Creator: Ramsey, Patricia Kingsley
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of Attitudes of Photojournalists and Photojournalism Educators: The Best Literature About Photojournalism and Its Usefulness

Description: This study has two purposes: (1) to provide a reference tool--a list of the best books, articles, and audiovisual materials about photojournalism, and (2) to make a general evaluation of available literature. In response to a mail survey, photojournalists and photojournalism educators recommended twenty-four sources of information about photojournalism in twenty subject categories. Respondents believe reading about photojournalism is important in helping professionals do their jobs well. But, they do not think there is enough up-to-date information available. Further, a majority think photojournalism literature is unrealistic, poorly written and designed, and ineffective in preparing students.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Wolf, Rita Breedlove
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of Staff Organization and Employment Opportunities of Dallas Business-Papers and Company Publications

Description: This study compares the staff structures and the employment opportunities of Dallas area businesspapers and company publications. The study has five main purposes. They are (1) to examine the staff organization of various Dallas area business publications, (2) to examine the job roles and responsibilities within each type of publication, (3) to determine the education requirements for employees, (4) to determine the experience requirements for employees, and (5) to evaluate business and industrial journalism as a career choice for journalism graduates in the Dallas area.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Akins, Linda G.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of the Company Magazine and the Grapevine as Selected Communication Channels at the Southland Corporation

Description: This thesis set out to evaluate and compare two communism cation channels at Southland, the company magazine and the grapevine. Data were obtained through a survey in the Summer, 1975, magazine. Following an introduction, explanation of data-collection procedure of the survey, overview of communication in formal and informal organizations, and analysis of the survey data, conclusions were drawn that the magazine is an effective formal communication tool, but that it cannot serve all the formal communication needs of the company, and that expansion of the company's formal communication program is needed. Even so, the formal communication tool, The Southland Family, remains a more effective channel of.communication than the grapevine.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Thompson, Nora Jean
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of the Editorial Practices of Religious Magazines with Editorial Practices Described in Magazine Textbooks

Description: This study sought to determine the demographics of the managing editors of the 111 religious magazines listed in the 1981 edition of Writer's Market and the similarity of those magazines' editorial practices to editorial practices described in magazine textbooks. The sixty-four managing editors who answered the questionnaire tended to be college-educated, to say their chief motivation for working on a religious magazine was serving God and man and to be satisfied with their work. Twenty-five per cent of the managing editors in the study had undergraduate majors or master's degrees in journalism. The magazines' self-reported editorial practices in such areas as copy handling, proofreading, layout and design were similar to those described in magazine textbooks.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Hensley, Jeff Lane
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of the Reporting of International News in Two Algerian and Two United States Daily Newspapers

Description: This study was concerned with determining how the Algerian dailies, El Moudjahid, and El Djomhouria, and the United States dailies, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor, which function in two different press systems, compare in reporting international news in terms of type and tension. This study concludes that the four dailies are similar in type of news; they report more news than editorials, more straight news than in-depth reports, more news of elites than common people, and more news from the Third World than from the Western World or the socialist bloc, and they differ in tension in that the tension within international news was higher in the two United States dailies than in the two Algerian dailies.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Abderrahmane, Azzi
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of United States Network Television News Coverage of Sub-Sahara Africa Before and After the 1975-76 Angola Conflict

Description: The proposition that American network television news coverage of sub-Sahara Africa increased substantially after the 1975-76 Angola conflict is examined in this study of the responsiveness of television to changing news values at the international level. News coverage for two thirty-month periods before and after the Angola conflict is compared using data derived from the Television News Index and Abstracts. The study finds that network news coverage of sub-Sahara Africa increased from 0.36 per cent of total news time before the Angola conflict to 4.46 per cent after, indicating that network news coverage is a reflection of the intensity of United States government activity at the international level.
Date: May 1981
Creator: Ilegbodu, Fred O.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of Variance in Coverage of President Reagan by "Newsweek", "Time" and "U.S. News & World Report" During Two Time Periods

Description: Data obtained through content analysis of articles about or concerning President Reagan in Newsweek, Time and U.S. News & World Report during two time periods indicated that no relationship existed between time and variance of news coverage given to Reagan. Three content analysis measures were used: comparison of favorable and unfavorable statements, amount of coverage and number of quoted words. The study is composed of four chapters: Chapter I introduces the study, Chapter II presents the data, Chapter III evaluates the data and Chapter IV summarizes and makes recommendations.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Knight, Kathryn M. (Kathryn McKenzie)
Partner: UNT Libraries