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Primary view of American Blitzkrieg: Courtney Hodges and the Advance Toward Aachen (August 1 - September 12, 1944)
Rinkleff, Adam J.
December 2012
Primary view of The American Doctrine for the Use of Naval Gunfire in Support of Amphibious Landings: Myth vs. Reality in the Central Pacific of World War II.
Mitchener, Donald Keith
December 2006
Primary view of Americans Who Would Not Wait:  The American Legion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1915-1917
Smylie, Eric Paul
August 2012
Primary view of An Analysis of Status: Women in Texas, 1860-1920
Breashears, Margaret Herbst
May 1999
Primary view of André Malraux: the Anticolonial and Antifascist Years
Cruz, Richard A. (Richard Alan)
May 1996
Primary view of Andrew Johnson and the South, 1865-1867
Pierce, Michael D. (Michael Dale), 1940-
July 1970
Primary view of The Anglo-American Council on Productivity: 1948-1952 British Productivity and the Marshall Plan
Gottwald, Carl H.
May 1999
Primary view of Baptists and Britons: Particular Baptist Ministers in England and British Identity in the 1790s
Parnell, John Robert
December 2005
Primary view of Behold the Fields: Texas Baptists and the Problem of Slavery
Elam, Richard L. (Richard Lee)
May 1993
Primary view of Between Comancheros and Comanchería: a History of Fort Bascom, New Mexico
Blackshear, James Bailey
August 2012
Primary view of Beyond the Merchants of Death: the Senate Munitions Inquiry of the 1930s and its Role in Twentieth-Century American History
Coulter, Matthew Ware
May 1996
Primary view of British Labour Government Policy in Iraq, 1945-1950
Alburaas, Theyab
December 2012
Primary view of Burying the War Hatchet: Spanish-Comanche Relations in Colonial Texas, 1743-1821
Lipscomb, Carol A.
May 2002
Primary view of California-ko Ostatuak: a History of California's Basque Hotels
Echeverría, Jerónima, 1946-
May 1988
Primary view of Las Cantigas de Santa Maria: Thirteenth-Century Popular Culture and Acts of Subversion
Coats, Jerry Brian
August 2016
Primary view of Cardinal Giovanni Battista De Luca: Nepotism in the Seventeenth-century Catholic Church and De Luca's Efforts to Prohibit the Practice
Cowan, H. Lee
August 2012
Primary view of Changes in the Status of Texarkana, Texas, Women, 1880-1920
Rowe, Beverly J.
August 1999
Primary view of Child Rescue As Survival Resistance: Hidden Children in Nazi-occupied  Western Europe
Decoster, Charlotte Marie-Cecile Marguerite
August 2012
Primary view of Combat Reconsidered: A Statistical Analysis of Small-Unit Actions During the American Civil War
Barloon, Mark C
December 2001
Primary view of The Concept of Purgatory in England
Machen, Chase E.
August 2010
Primary view of The Confederate Pension Systems in Texas, Georgia, and Virginia: The Programs and the People
Wilson, Mary L.
December 2004
Primary view of Conquering the Natural Frontier: French Expansion to the Rhine River During the War of the First Coalition, 1792-1797
Hayworth, Jordan R.
December 2015
Primary view of The Crater of Diamonds: A History of the Pike County, Arkansas, Diamond Field, 1906-1972
Henderson, John C.
May 2002
Primary view of Creating a Mythistory: Texas Historians in the Nineteenth Century
McLemore, Laura Lyons, 1950-
August 1998