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Primary view of An Adaptive Linearization Method for a Constraint Satisfaction Problem in Semiconductor Device Design Optimization
Chang, Chih-Hui, 1967-
May 1999
Primary view of Algorithms for Efficient Utilization of Wireless Bandwidth and to Provide Quality-of-Service in Wireless Networks
Kakani, Naveen Kumar
August 2000
Primary view of Automatic Speech Recognition Using Finite Inductive Sequences
Cherri, Mona Youssef, 1956-
August 1996
Primary view of Computational Complexity of Hopfield Networks
Tseng, Hung-Li
August 1998
Primary view of Computer Realization of Human Music Cognition
Albright, Larry E. (Larry Eugene)
August 1988
Primary view of Convexity-Preserving Scattered Data Interpolation
Leung, Nim Keung
December 1995
Primary view of Efficient Linked List Ranking Algorithms and Parentheses Matching as a New Strategy for Parallel Algorithm Design
Halverson, Ranette Hudson
December 1993
Primary view of Exon/Intron Discrimination Using the Finite Induction Pattern Matching Technique
Taylor, Pamela A., 1941-
December 1997
Primary view of A Graphical, Database-Querying Interface for Casual, Naive Computer Users
Burgess, Clifford G. (Clifford Grenville)
August 1985
Primary view of Higher Compression from the Burrows-Wheeler Transform with New Algorithms for the List Update Problem
Chapin, Brenton
August 2001
Primary view of Independent Quadtrees
Atwood, Larry D. (Larry Dale)
December 1986
Primary view of Inheritance Problems in Object-Oriented Database
Auepanwiriyakul, Raweewan
May 1989
Primary view of A Machine Learning Method Suitable for Dynamic Domains
Rowe, Michael C. (Michael Charles)
July 1996
Primary view of Multiresolutional/Fractal Compression of Still and Moving Pictures
Kiselyov, Oleg E.
December 1993
Primary view of Practical Cursive Script Recognition
Carroll, Johnny Glen, 1953-
August 1995
Primary view of SEM Predicting Success of Student Global Software Development Teams
Brooks, Ian Robert
May 2015
Primary view of Semaphore Solutions for General Mutual Exclusion Problems
Yue, Kwok B. (Kwok Bun)
August 1988
Primary view of A Study of Perceptually Tuned, Wavelet Based, Rate Scalable, Image and Video Compression
Wei, Ming
May 2002
Primary view of Temporally Correct Algorithms for Transaction Concurrency Control in Distributed Databases
Tuck, Terry W.
May 2001
Primary view of A Theoretical Network Model and the Incremental Hypercube-Based Networks
Mao, Ai-sheng
May 1995
Primary view of A Timescale Estimating Model for Rule-Based Systems
Moseley, Charles Warren
December 1987
Primary view of A Unifying Version Model for Objects and Schema in Object-Oriented Database System
Shin, Dongil
August 1997
Primary view of Using Normal Deduction Graphs in Common Sense Reasoning
Munoz, Ricardo A. (Ricardo Alberto)
May 1992