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Primary view of The Afro-British Slave Narrative: The Rhetoric of Freedom in the Kairos of Abolition
Evans, Dennis F.
December 1999
Primary view of “The Angular Degrees of Freedom” and Other Stories
Feagin, Aprell McQueeney
December 2014
Primary view of Animals-as-Trope in the Selected Fiction of Zora Neale Hurston, Alice Walker, and Toni Morrison
Erickson, Stacy M.
August 1999
Primary view of Animals That Die
Campbell, Susan Maxwell
December 2006
Primary view of Anne Brontë's New Women:  Agnes Grey and  The Tenant of Wildfell Hall as Precursors of New Woman Fiction
Phillips, Jennifer K.
August 2001
Primary view of "The Barroom Girls" and Other Stories
Mortazavi, Sohale Andrus
May 2006
Primary view of Bass Reeves: a History • a Novel • a Crusade, Volume 1: the Rise
Thompson, Sidney, 1965-
August 2015
Primary view of Between the Waves: Truth-Telling, Feminism, and Silence in the Modernist Era Poetics of Laura Riding Jackson and Muriel Rukeyser
Cain, Christina
December 2006
Primary view of Challenge the Silence
Peterson, Erica
August 2012
Primary view of Claremont Connections
Elerson, Crystal L.
August 2004
Primary view of Clocks and Mirrors
Thies, Jaclyn Michele
December 2016
Primary view of The Concept of Dignity in the Early Science Fiction Novels of Kurt Vonnegut.
Dye, Scott Allen
May 2003
Primary view of "Counting Out The Harvest"
Lischau, Carol
August 2016
Primary view of A Country With No Name
Hunziker, April
May 2004
Primary view of Derivation: Excerpts From a Novel
Davis, Matthew
August 2015
Primary view of "Developer"
Braun, Caleb
August 2017
Primary view of Divine and the Everyday Devil (Short Stories)
Burks, T. Stephen
May 2003
Primary view of A Drop of Oil
Bullman, Carol
May 2005
Primary view of Eaten: A Novel
Foster, Natalie
May 2016
Primary view of Elizabeth Bishop in Brasil: An Ongoing Acculturation
Neely, Elizabeth
August 2014
Primary view of Ethics in Technical Communication: Historical Context for the Human Radiation Experiments
Audrain, Susan Connor
August 2005
Primary view of "For the Ruined Body"
Dorris, Kara Delene
May 2016
Primary view of Gender and Desire in Thomas Lovell Beddoes'  The Brides' Tragedy and Death's Jest-Book
Rees, Shelley S.
May 2002
Primary view of Ghost Machine
Whitby, Bess
December 2015