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Primary view of The 13th Congressional District in Transition: a Preliminary Analysis of Representation
Bryant, Stephen N.
January 1967
Primary view of Administrative and Judicial Evolution of the Occupational Disease Concept in Workmen's Compensation Legislation
Hyde, Peter D.
August 1962
Primary view of Administrative Reorganization in the Southwest Region of the Federal Aviation Agency
Vance, Richard
January 1965
Primary view of Albert Camus: Perspectives on the Nature of Political Revolt
Conner, Jett Burnett
August 1966
Primary view of An Analysis of Certain Aspects of International Narcotics Law Enforcement 1949-1959
Dickson, James Galen
August 1960
Primary view of An Analysis of Senior High School Government Courses in the Public Schools of Texas
Holman, Dorothy Jane Riggs
June 1962
Primary view of An Analysis of the Operation of Title I of the Federal Housing Administration Act
Granstaff, Shelie Monroe
Primary view of An Analysis of the Political Career of Carl Schurz, 1868-1888
Palmer, Edwin D.
August 1963
Primary view of An Analysis of the Trend Away from the Traditional Democratic Party in Texas Presidential Elections, 1932-1948
Barnebey, Malcolm Richard
Primary view of The Attitudes of Non-Elective City Administrators toward their Publics: a Study of Cases in Two Cities
Marshall, Ray Stephen
August 1967
Primary view of Audio-Visual Aids and the Teaching of Texas State Government
Baker, Riley Ellis
Primary view of The Berlin Crisis of 1948 : A Theoretical Model of a Crisis Situation
Martin, Joseph David
August 1969
Primary view of Black Versus Black: Division Within a Judge
Atterbury, Joan B.
January 1968
Primary view of Budgetary Decision-Making in the Texas Legislature
Butler, Daron K.
June 1970
Primary view of Campaign Tactics of the Arkansas Gubernatorial Elections as Revealed by the 1948, 1950 and 1952 Campaigns
Crane, Billy G.
February 1953
Primary view of A Case Study of the Disintegration of the Judicial Concept of "State Action" under the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments
Wattner, Victor E.
August 1954
Primary view of Characteristics of Texas' 1964 National Political Convention Delegations
Cole, Richard L.
January 1969
Primary view of The City of Denton Computer Installation: A Study of Conversion in a Medium-Sized Municipality
Joyce, John W.
August 1967
Primary view of Civil Rights Legislation of the 1960s: The Support of Republican Congressional Leaders Helped Make Possible Its Passage
Howell, Joe Nolan
June 1970
Primary view of Community Improvement and Code Enforcement in Fort Worth, Texas, 1961-1966
Liverman, Ralph L.
June 1967
Primary view of The Community Junior College: A Study of the Dallas County Junior College
Altick, Frank J.
August 1966
Primary view of Comprehensive Health Planning
Hopkins, Robert M.
January 1968
Primary view of Congressional Legislation as a Remedy to Prevent Communist Influence of Labor Unions and Union Officials
Doss, Cecil B.
January 1963
Primary view of The Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Study: A Case Study in Intergovernmental Relations
Kadri, Shoukat A.
June 1967