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Primary view of Actinoplanes Philippinensis: Effect of Carbon Sources on Zoospore Production
White, Olivia
May 1968
Primary view of The Adaptability and Present Status of Andropogon Ischaemum L. in Denton County, Texas
Belders, Floyd William
Primary view of Adenylate Energy Charge Determinations of Soil Bacteria Grown in Soil Extract Medium
Rodriguez, Luis A. (Luis Antonio)
August 1988
Primary view of The Age and Rate of Growth of the Black Crappie, Pomoxis Nigro-Maculatus (Le Sueur), and the White Crappie, Pomoxis Annularis Rafinesque, in the Koon Kreek Klub Lakes, Texas
Elliott, James M.
Primary view of The Age, Growth, and Food Habits of the Lake Dallas White Bass, Lepibema Chrysops (Rafinesque)
Micks, Don W.
Primary view of Age, Growth, and Food Habits of the Largemouthed Black Bass (Micropterus Salmoides) and the Spotted Bass (Micropterus Puctulatus SSP) in North and East Texas Lakes
Cooper, William A.
Primary view of Altered Leukemogenic Activity by Thyrotropic Treatment of Leukemic Mouse Thymus in Vitro
Rains, Robert Milton
Primary view of Anaerobic Organisms in Acute and Chronic Pulmonary Diseases
Riddel, George Hugh
August 1958
Primary view of An Analysis and Evaluation of the Elementary Science Curricula in the State Universities and Leading Teachers Colleges in the United States
Sanders, Agnes Ruth
Primary view of An Analysis of Distribution Patterns of Amphibians and Reptiles in Texas
Leonard, Cuyler Hershey
August 1969
Primary view of Analysis of Phytoplankton Responses to Water Chemistry Dynamics in a Moderately Eutrophic North Texas Reservoir
Banks, Kenneth E. (Kenneth Edward)
May 1998
Primary view of Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus for Community Colleges
Schulz, Leslie
May 2000
Primary view of Annual Lipid Cycles in the Lizard Cnemidophorus Tigris
Gaffney, Fred G.
August 1972
Primary view of Antibacterial Effect of the Oleoresins of One Hundred Common Texas Plants upon Twenty-Five Gram-Negative Mirco-Organisms
Danhof, Ivan E.
Primary view of Antibiocity of the Oleoresins of One Hundred Texas Spermatophytes upon Twenty Gram-Positive Bacterial Organisms
Richardson, Lavon P.
Primary view of The Antibiotic Activities of Some Members of the Cactaceae Family
Gilmore, Derward E.
Primary view of The Antibiotic Effect of Pigmented Actinomycetes
Cichon, Casimir Joseph
Primary view of The Antibiotic Properties of the Oleoresins of Twenty-Five Common Garden Vegetables
Ennis, Arthur F.
Primary view of Antibiotic Sensitivity of Bacteria Isolated from City Water Distribution Systems
Williams, Catherine
August 1958
Primary view of Antibody Adsorption Used in Identification of Similar Streptomyces Species
Lassiter, Carroll B.
January 1970
Primary view of The Application of Chlorine Dioxide to Tastes and Odors in Water Supplies
Hemphill, Louis
Primary view of Application of Fluorescent Antibody Methods for the Enumeration and Identification of Bacillus Cereus
Ferebee, Robert Newton
August 1969
Primary view of Aquatic Vegetation Nutrient Budgets and Sedimentation in a Southwestern Reservoir
Clifford, Philip A. (Philip Alan)
May 1986
Primary view of Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase and Sixteen Alpha Hydroxylase in Cultured Human Lymphocytes
Coomes, Marguerite L.
December 1975