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Legal Status of Labor in Great Britain and the United States

Description: An investigation of the legal status of labor in Great Britain and the United States. The basis of labor legislation is considered, and the development of labor legislation traced in both countries. A comparison of the legal status of labor at the present time in both countries is made. - Abstract
Date: June 1939
Creator: Richardson, Addran Dee
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A Study of Soil Erosion and its Control in the United States with Special Reference to Texas

Description: A study of soil erosion in the United States, especially in Texas, which brings attention to the causes of soil erosion under the existing system of farm management. The material gathered and compiled and arranged under certail main heading. Two chapters deal with present and immediate causes of erosions and their results. One full chapter takes up the history of the conservation movement and attempts to show how slow Texans have been in comparison with some of the other states of the United States. The study calls for further research, teaching of better land-use, raising awareness of soil erosion causes and conditions.
Date: June 1939
Creator: Merrell, Jesse Byron
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A Case Study of Union Organizing Strategies

Description: The purpose of this paper is to present a case study of a union organizational campaign among a group of women garment workers. The union that conducted the organizing drive was the International Ladies' Garment Worker's Union. The employees involved in the campaign were employed by the Russell-Newman Manufacturing Company in the North Texas community of Denton.
Date: August 1965
Creator: Oliver, John H.
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The "Crew Complement" problem and the Tripartite Agreement

Description: The main efforts in this paper are directed towards the "crew complement" problem on American Airlines, and the solution found in the Tripartite Agreement. Included is an account of the major events in the airline industry that led to the present "crew complement" problem, and its existence on other airlines.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Ward, Raymond P.
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A Comparison and Analysis of Western and Chinese Views of the Economic History of China

Description: The purpose of the present study is to compare and to analyze the responses of two opposing groups of writers to the following questions. First, did a capitalistic stage of development occur in China? Second, what factors or conditions are responsible for the retardation or absence of capitalism? One group of writers is composed of Western social scientists, and the other of Chinese Communist writers.
Date: January 1967
Creator: Leung, Kwok-wing
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A Review of the Legal Status of the Secondary Boycott in the United States

Description: The secondary boycott issue has been present in the history of the American labor movement throughout the twentieth century. It has, consequently, been subjected to many of the same changes in policy by Congress, interpretation by the courts, and attitude of the public as have strikes and picketing. Secondary boycotts, however, have been handicapped much more than the other instruments of union power in as much as they have usually been treated as though they were less legitimate. This thesis will discuss the secondary boycott, and it legal status in the United States.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Parish, W. Alton
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The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the International Trade Program

Description: This thesis is a study of the results of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The study of the results of this Conference is important because this was the first time an international gathering of so large a number of countries was held specifically to discuss trade and development problems. One hundred and nineteen nations met in Geneva in a spirit of cooperation and with the expressed willingness to permit international interests to prevail over national interests. The papers presented at this Third Committee will be examined as a device to show the relation of international finance, private development finance companies, tourism, ocean shipping, and external debt to the problem of development. Also, the creation of an International Trade Organization will be discussed as a possible beginning to the solution of the development-trade problem.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Booth, Wesley F.
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Some Activities of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Description: Much of the United Nations' work toward achieving its aim of improving economic and social conditions for the people of the world is carried out by specialized inter-governmental agencies. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is such a specialized agency. It is the purpose of this study to explore what the author believes to be some of the more important projects of FAO as it attempts to achieve its objectives.
Date: May 1968
Creator: Raabe, Alois O.
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