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Testing a Model of Internalized Anomie

Description: A new theoretical model of human behavior was presented and tested in this research. Structural equation modeling (LISREL) was used to test the notion that living in an anomic family system would produce an internalized sense of normlessness or "egonomie" that precedes the development of problematic behavior for the individual.
Date: December 1995
Creator: Glass, John E. (John Edward)
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Parents as Therapeutic Agents: A Study of the Effect of Filial Therapy

Description: The problem with which this investigation was concerned was that of the use of parents as therapeutic agents. The purpose of this study was twofold. The first was to determine the effect of filial therapy on parental acceptance, self-esteem, parent-child relationship, and family environment. A second was to analyze the results and make recommendations concerning the effectiveness of filial therapy as a treatment modality for parents and their children. The experimental design of the study was a nonrandomized, pretest-posttest, control group design.The sample (N=47) consisted of the experimental group (parents N=15, children N=9) who received filial therapy and the control group (parents N=12, children N=ll) who did not. The treatment included ten, two hour weekly parent training sessions. During these sessions the parents were taught the principles of client-centered play therapy and were instructed to conduct weekly one-half hour play sessions at home with their own children. Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions were drawn: 1) Filial therapy does significantly increase the parents' feeling of unconditional love for their children and 2) Filial therapy does significantly increase the parents' perception of expressed conflict in their family. In addition to the statistically significant results, there were some important trends which were mentioned as directional conclusions. These qualitative judgments include: 1) Filial therapy may be an effective treatment for increasing parents' acceptance of their children, especially parents' feelings of unconditional love; 2) Filial therapy may be a somewhat effective treatment for increasing self-esteem, yet more effective in increasing parents' self-esteem than children's self-esteem; 3) Filial therapy may be an effective treatment for increasing the closeness of the parent-child relationship without altering the authority hierarchy; 4) Filial therapy may influence the family environment, especially in the areas of expressiveness, conflict, independence, intellectual-cultural orientation, and control; and 5) Filial therapy ...
Date: May 1986
Creator: Glass, Nancy, 1949
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Blood and Earth: Indivisible Territory and Terrorist Group Longevity

Description: The study of terrorism has been both broad in scope and varied in approach. Little work has been done, however, on the territorial aspects of terrorist groups. Most terrorist groups are revolutionary to one degree or another, seeking the control of a piece of territory; but for the supportive population of a terrorist group, how important is the issue of territory? Are the intangible qualities of territory more salient to a given population than other factors? Are territorially based terrorist groups more durable than their ideologically or religiously motivated cohorts? This paper aims to propose the validity of the territorial argument for the study of political terrorism.
Date: May 2013
Creator: Glass, Richard A.
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Creating Supply Chain Resilience with Information Communication Technology

Description: Supply chain resilience refers to the capability of a supply chain to both withstand and adapt to unexpected disturbances. In today's turbulent business environment, firms are continually seeking to create more resilience within their supply chain through increased information communication technology use and enhanced business-to-business relationships. The focus of this dissertation is the investigation of how information communication technology creates resilience at the differing process levels of supply chain operations. Past research into information communication technology use within supply chains has often been conducted at the macro-level of supply chain phenomena. As such, there is still much to understand about how decision-makers interact with information communication technology at the micro-level of supply chain decision-making. A more in-depth, broad coverage of this interaction will provide both practitioners and academics a better understanding of how to leverage information communication technology in achieving supply chain resilience. To meet this aim, this dissertation contains three essays that re-orient conceptual thinking about supply chain phenomenon, explore how advances in information communication technology influence business-to-business relationships, and identify how information communication technology effects the decision-making of supply chain managers.
Date: May 2018
Creator: Glassburner, Aaron
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Responding to Child Sexual Abuse: Exploring the Case Files of Children Under the Age of 6 Admitted to a Children’s Advocacy Center for Evaluation

Description: Research suggests that roughly 25% of women and 10% of men within the United States were sexually abused at some point during childhood. With such high rates of victimization affecting society, the current study explores a population of children under the age of 6 who were suspected of being sexually victimized and thus admitted to a children’s advocacy center (CAC) for evaluation. This investigation contributes to the literature concerning child sexual abuse (CSA) by exploring the characteristics of these alleged victims, the characteristics of their suspected offenders, the alleged victim’s familial demographics characteristics, and by looking at the data pertaining to the incarceration rates of the suspected offenders identified within the sample.
Date: August 2011
Creator: Glassner, Steven
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A Study of Four-Mallet Grips Used in Playing Keyboard Percussion Instruments

Description: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of three common grips used in four-mallet playing. The three grips were referred to as (a) the Musser grip, (b) the cross stick grip No. 1, and (c) the cross stick grip No. 2. A thorough description (including illustrations) was given for each grip. The evaluation of efficiency was made through research testing, which was conducted by the author. Forty individuals participated in the research testing. Four tests were conducted, and each test had ten participants. The individuals who participated in Tests I, II and III had no previous four-mallet experience. The individuals who participated in Test IV had previous four-mallet experience. The evaluation of the efficiency covered by the four tests was limited to (a) horizontal movement of the outside mallet(s), (b) horizontal movement of the inside mallet(s), and (c) horizontal movement of the hand (s). According to Tests I, II and III, the majority of beginning four-mallet players will find the cross stick grip No. 2 the easiest and most efficient (as far as the three movements which were tested are concerned) of the three grips. However, some individuals (a much smaller percentage) will prefer either the Musser grip or the cross stick grip No. 1. Many beginners will find the Musser grip extremely difficult. A very small percentage of beginning four-mallet students will have poor efficiency using cross stick grip No. 2. According to the results of Test IV, the efficiency of the Musser grip and the cross stick grip No. 2 improve at a faster rate than does the efficiency of the cross stick grip No. 1. The movements tested in this study are extremely important when playing with four mallets. However, this study was limited to the testing of three types of horizontal movements and, ...
Date: August 1971
Creator: Glassock, Lynn
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Establishing a Special Interest City Magazine: D, the Magazine of Dallas

Description: The problem of this study was to determine how, and to what degree, a representative contemporary special interest magazine projected editorial, advertising, circulation, and financial obligations prior to publication and during its infancy. In essence, how did a representative nonsubsidized city magazine identify a marketable audience, resolve advertising and circulation policies, and meet financial obligations? Specifically, this study explored--in six chapters--the mechanics of pre- and post-publication planning at D, The Magazine of Dallas, which began publication in October, 1974. This study determined that twelve common denominators are essential, but are not necessarily a guarantee, for the success of a planned or newly introduced nonsubsidized special interest magazine.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Glaves, Robert F.
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The Rhetoric of Androgyny: Gender and Boundaries in Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness

Description: The androgyny of the Gethenians in The Left Hand of Darkness is a vehicle for Ursula Le Guin's rhetoric concerning gender roles. Le Guin attempts to make the reader identify with an ideal form of androgyny, through which she argues that many of the problems of human existence, from rape and war to dualistic thought and sexism, are products of gender roles and would be absent in an androgynous world. The novel also links barriers of separation and Othering with masculine thought, and deconstructs these separative boundaries of opposition, while promoting connective borders which acknowledge difference without creating opposition. The novel thus criticizes gendered thought processes and social roles, because they lead to opposition and separation.
Date: August 1996
Creator: Gleason, Benjamin P. (Benjamin Patrick)
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Factors Associated with Success in the Doctor of Education Program at North Texas State University

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the significance of certain factors relating to successful completion of the program by students in the Doctor of Education program at North Texas State University. Specifically, these factors were determined by a screening of judgments of North Texas State University graduates who had successfully completed the program, students engaged in the program, and from analysis of the factors derived from student records and research in related studies.
Date: January 1963
Creator: Gleason, Dale H.
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Leadership Concepts of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Students

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the concepts held by college students in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps concerning leadership. An attempt will be made to indicate the relative importance of these concepts of leadership as determined by the college students. Also, the opinions of the different classes--freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors concerning these concepts will be obtained.
Date: June 1955
Creator: Gleason, Dale Harvey, 1921-
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From Associates to Antagonists: the United States, Great Britain, the First World War, and the Origins of War Plan Red, 1914-1919

Description: American military plans for a war with the British Empire, first discussed in 1919, have received varied treatment since their declassification. the most common theme among historians in their appraisals of WAR PLAN RED is that of an oddity. Lack of a detailed study of Anglo-American relations in the immediate post-First World War years makes a right understanding of the difficult relationship between the United States and Britain after the War problematic. As a result of divergent aims and policies, the United States and Great Britain did not find the diplomatic and social unity so many on both sides of the Atlantic aspired to during and immediately after the First World War. Instead, United States’ civil and military organizations came to see the British Empire as a fierce and potentially dangerous rival, worthy of suspicion, and planned accordingly. Less than a year after the end of the War, internal debates and notes discussed and circulated between the most influential members of the United States Government, coalesced around a premise that became the rationale for WAR PLAN RED. Ample evidence reveals that contrary to the common narrative of “Anglo-American” and “Atlanticist” historians of the past century, the First World War did not forge a new union of spirit between the English-speaking nations. the experiences of the War, instead, engendered American antipathy for the British Empire. Economic and military advisers feared that the British might use their naval power to check American expansion, as they believed it did during the then recent conflict. the first full year of peace witnessed the beginnings of what became WAR PLAN RED. the foundational elements of America’s war plan against the British Empire emerged in reaction to the events of the day. Planners saw Britain as a potentially hostile nation, which might regard the United States’ ...
Date: May 2012
Creator: Gleason, Mark C.
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A Comparative Study of the Qualifications and Duties of City School Superintendents' Secretaries in Oklahoma

Description: The problem in this study is to make a comparison of the qualifications and duties of secretaries of city school superintendents in Oklahoma, with regard to academic training stenographic duties, duties pertaining to financial records and reports, banking duties, duties pertaining to general records and reports, duties pertaining to bus and transportation reports, teaching duties and miscellaneous duties.
Date: 1943
Creator: Glenn, Della Ola
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Development and Implementation of an Introductory Art History Course for University Students Utilizing Innovative Group Process Methodology

Description: The introductory art history course at the university level is the focus of this study. Recognized inadequacies of the traditionally conceived course prompt the development and implementation of a new course humanistically oriented and characterized by innovative methodologies derived from encounter group processes. The course develops through formative processes of examining three deviating teaching approaches: traditional, transitional-exploratory, and alternative-innovative. The resultant format applies concepts of art history, art education,general education, and humanistic psychology to needs of art and non-art students. Course implementation reveals experiences conducive to both art and personological student self-development. The conclusion is that a new art history course was developed and merits empirical testing.
Date: August 1975
Creator: Glenn, Edna S.
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The development of Keats's mythic understanding of the function of the poet

Description: John Keats is a mythopoeic poet who created his own mythical substructure, often adapting traditional figures from mythology to give a special meaning to the entire canon of his major work. The early poems are hesitant, imitative, and groping, but the mature poems receive a large part of heir symbolic meaning from the substructure of Keats's myth of the poet on which they rest.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Glenn, Priscilla Ray
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An Analysis of the Qualifications and General Status of the Industrial Arts Teachers Employed in the Secondary Schools of Arkansas during the 1953-1954 School Year

Description: This is a study to ascertain the qualifications, the general status, and in-school and out-of-school activities of the industrial arts teachers employed in the secondary schools in Arkansas in order to compare them with the qualifications and general status of the industrial arts teachers employed in the State of Texas in 1953, as reported by Jack P. Dial.
Date: 1954
Creator: Glenn, Robert H.
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Factors Influencing Myoelectric Wearing Patterns of Pediatric Prosthetics Patients

Description: Upper limb deficiencies in children may be the result of trauma, disease, or congenital problems. Although biomechanical losses are the primary problem associated with a limb deficiency, the loss of such an obvious body part has cosmetic and psychosocial implications as well. Fitting a child with a prosthesis typically is the treatment chosen by families. Presently, there are three types of prostheses available for pediatric amputees, including passive, cable-operated, and myoelectric arms, but the myoelectric appears to be the most popular choice of children and their families. However, there is growing concern among clinicians that, despite its advanced technological capabilities, the myoelectric prosthesis is chosen for aesthetic rather than functional reasons. It is difficult, then, to justify the expense of fitting a myoelectric prosthesis when a more inexpensive prosthesis, or none at all, would be a more appropriate prescription. The question of when to prescribe a myoelectric prosthesis for a pediatric patient remains one of the most controversial questions in the field of prosthetics today due to this cost/benefit issue. In this study, the researcher examined psychological factors that may influence whether or not a child will wear a prosthesis and how that prosthesis will be used. Thirty prosthetics patients of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and their parents answered questionnaires indicating self-perception, social acceptance, and family functioning. A prosthetic usage diary also was completed. Results indicated a significant relationship between optimal residual limb length and increased wearing time. Other trends in the data are discussed. Consideration of these variables by medical staff can be useful in developing appropriate expectations of adherence to treatment by the patient and the family. Recommendations are made for the prescription of pediatric prostheses that are both cost-effective and beneficial.
Date: December 1996
Creator: Glenn, Shannon M. (Shannon Richardson)
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The Decrement of Stuttering as a Result of the Application of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Description: This investigation is an attempt to apply the principles of the experimental analysis of behavior to the stuttering behavior of two clinical subjects. The experimental manipulations were performed in order to bring about a decrement in the stuttering rate of the two subjects.
Date: May 1973
Creator: Glenn, Sigrid S., 1939-
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The Relationship Between Interpersonal Communication Satisfaction and Biological Sex: the Nurse-Physician Relationship

Description: This study examined to what extent the biological sex of the nurse-physician interactants affects the interpersonal communication satisfaction experienced by the nurse. Hypotheses One and Two predicted that communication satisfaction would differ significantly across various combinations of sex of nurse and sex of physician dyads. Hypothesis Three predicted that male nurses would experience higher levels of communication satisfaction than would female nurses. Interpersonal communication satisfaction was operationalized by two self-report instruments. The sample included 153 male and female nurses. Results indicated that same-sex interactions were more satisfying for female nurses, while mixed-sex interactions were more satisfying for male nurses. Nurses reported greater communication satisfaction when interacting with female physicians. Hypothesis three was not supported.
Date: August 1994
Creator: Glenn, Theresa Hammerstein
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Job satisfaction among academic administrators at selected American colleges and universities

Description: The problem of this study was job satisfaction among academic administrators in selected American institutions of higher education. Its main purpose was to document the level of job satisfaction among selected U.S. college and university academic administrators.
Date: December 1990
Creator: Glick, Nancy Parsons
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