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The Ascorbic Acid Content of School Lunches Served at the North Texas State Teachers College Demonstration School During March and April, 1944
The purposes of the present study are to determine the ascorbic acid values of foods served in the lunch room of North Texas State Teachers College Demonstration School at the time food preparation is completed, at the beginning of the serving period, and at the end of the serving period; to ascertain the loss of ascorbic acid during these intervals; and to determine the quantity of ascorbic acid present in the size portions served primary, elementary, and high school students.
A Study of the Foods Served and Purchased in a Fort Worth School Cafeteria Duing the Year 1943-1944
The purpose of this study is to show what foods were made available to the children in the year 1943-1944; what foods the children chose from the available foods; what nutritive value the chosen foods possessed; and what the chosen lunches cost the children.