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Orientation Methods and Techniques Used in the Elementary Schools in the Lower Rio Grande Valley with Latin-American Beginners

Description: The purpose of the study was to determine what methods and techniques seem to be the best in helping the beginning Latin-American child to understand the written and oral English as taught by our schools today and to what extent these methods and techniques meed democratic and psychological criteria governing such a program.
Date: 1955
Creator: Slavitchek, Martha Gladys Williams
Partner: UNT Libraries
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A Study of Superstitions and Customs Affecting Health Practices Among the People of Starr County, Texas

Description: Because superstitions and customs of the people of Starr County, Texas, have a bearing on health practices that affect their well-being, the purpose of this study is to explain the deep-rooted superstitions and customs adhered to by the settlers. In order to understand more fully the cultural factors which relate to health, it is necessary to study the lives and customs of the people of Starr County. An effort has been made to look at their problems, not from a critical standpoint, but from the… more
Date: August 1948
Creator: Longoria, Gladys L.
Partner: UNT Libraries
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