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Electricity in Rural Areas of North Texas

Description: "This study shows three things: (1) a precedent for the expenditure of public funds to teach electricity in our public high schools has already been established by the school system in the larger school systems of Texas, (2) the rural families living on electrified farms in the North Texas area want instruction of this type given to the boys and girls in their communities, and (3) both the rural people and the professional people of the North Texas area believe that instruction dealing with the… more
Date: January 1949
Creator: Greathouse, Charles Simmons
Partner: UNT Libraries
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An Evaluation of the Henrietta High School, Henrietta, Texas

Description: This study is an evaluation of the Henrietta High School of Henrietta, Texas. Its purpose is to measure this school by comparing it to the two hundred try-out schools which were used by the Cooperative Study of Secondary School Standards in setting up their criteria for determining the characteristics of a good secondary school.
Date: 1941
Creator: Pope, Rogers R.
Partner: UNT Libraries
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A Proposed Plan for a More Functional Method of Reporting to Parents in the Fourth Grades of Henrietta, Texas

Description: The problem of this study is to make a critical investigation and a thorough analysis of different methods that have been used to report pupil progress in the elementary school of Henrietta, Texas, and other elementary schools. Also, some significant changes underlying the concepts of educational achievements are to be shown and basic principles presented to develop a desirable method and procedure in establishing a more effective and functional marking and reporting program for the fourth grad… more
Date: 1951
Creator: King, Rachel Speer
Partner: UNT Libraries
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