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Primary view of American Artillery in the Mexican War 1846-1847
Dillon, Lester R.
May 1969
Primary view of American Export Trade with Mexico
Williams, Donald Earl
Primary view of Biodiversity of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of the South-Central Nearctic and Adjacent Neotropical Biotic Provinces
Abbott, John C.
May 1999
Primary view of Cultural Differences in Pain Experience and Behavior among Mexican, Mexican American and Anglo American Headache Pain Sufferers
Sardas, Isabela
December 1995
Primary view of A Descriptive Account of United States Government Documents Pertaining to the History of United States Diplomatic Relations with Mexico, 1821-1846
Kelly, Melody S.
May 1976
Primary view of Distribution of a Novel Gram Negative, Capsule-Forming Bacterium
Hughes, Roxana Bejarano
December 1997
Primary view of Expropriation of American Oil Interests and its Effect on United States-Mexican Relations since 1938
Buell, Erwin C.
Primary view of Genic Differentiation and Evolution in the Ground Squirrel Subgenus Ictidomys (Spermophilus)
Cothran, E. Gus, 1951-
December 1975
Primary view of The History of the Mexican Contract Labor Program, 1942-1966
Morris, Marion Beth
January 1967
Primary view of Joaquín de Arredondo in Texas and Northeastern New Spain, 1811-1821
Folsom, Bradley, 1979-
August 2014
Primary view of The Mexican Connection: Confederate and Union Diplomacy on the Rio Grande, 1861-1865
Fielder, Bruce M.
May 1978
Primary view of Migration Information Gathering by Mexican-origin Immigrants in the Pre-migration Phase
Hudson, Cassie
December 2015
Primary view of On the Fence
Medrano, Estevan
December 2014
Primary view of Polk and the Mexican War: a Study in Motives and War Policies
Bradford, Willard R.
August 1945
Primary view of The Position of Texas in the Relations Between the United States and Mexico from 1876 to 1910
Alexander, Gladys M.
June 1942
Primary view of The Relationship Between Environmental Barriers and Modes of Technology Transfer: A Study of United States Companies with Operations in Mexico
LeMaster, Jane
August 1994
Primary view of Some Significant Differences between American Education and that of Mexico
Williams, Narbon B.
Primary view of The South and the Mexican War
Lowe, Billie Lynne Owens
December 1970