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Primary view of 1-(4, 4'-Dinitrodiphenylmethyl)-Piperidines; 1-(4-Nitrobenzyl)-and 1-(4-Nitrobenzoyl)-Piperdines
Sammons, George D.
Primary view of Acetophenone Derivatives; N-Diphenylmethyl and N-Fluorenyl Piperidines
Middleton, William J.
Primary view of Addition Reactions of Some Aromatic Aldazines
O'Dell, Stewart
August 1954
Primary view of Adhesion/Diffusion Barrier Layers for Copper Integration: Carbon-Silicon Polymer Films and Tantalum Substrates
Chen, Li
December 1999
Primary view of Adsorbate-enhanced Corrosion Processes at Iron and Iron Oxide Surfaces
Murray, Eric
December 1994
Primary view of The Adsorption of Radioactive Isotopes on Precipitates
Bulloch, Newman Payne
January 1954
Primary view of The Adsorption of Radioactive Isotopes on Specific Precipitates
Yarbrough, Kenneth N.
August 1954
Primary view of Aldohaloketenes and the Stereochemistry of Aldohaloketene Cycloadditions
Hoff, Edwin Frank
May 1970
Primary view of Amine Derivatives of 3-chloro-5(8?)-nitro-1,4-naphthoquinone
Whitaker, Leroy, 1929-
August 1952
Primary view of Amino Acid Complexes of Rhodium(III)
Waller, James F.
August 1965
Primary view of a-Amino Alcohol Derivatives of Methyl P-Nitrophenyl Acetate
Prindle, Hershel B.
Primary view of Analysis of Acid Gas Emissions in the Combustion of the Binder Enhanced d-RDF by Ion Chromatography
Jen, Jen-Fon
August 1988
Primary view of The Analysis of Fire Debris Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Bryce, Kenneth L.
August 1981
Primary view of An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in General Chemistry at an Urban University.
McGuffey, Angela
May 2002
Primary view of The Analysis of Volatile Impurities in Air by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Talasek, Robert Thomas
May 1993
Primary view of An Application of the Reformatsky Reaction to the Thiophene Series of Compounds
Hicks, Howard A.
Primary view of Application of UV-Vis Spectroscopy to the Monitoring, Characterization and Analysis of Chemical Equilibria of Copper Etching Baths
Lambert, Alexander S
August 2017
Primary view of Applications of Nanomanipulation Coupled to Nanospray Mass Spectrometry in Trace Fiber Analysis and Cellular Lipid Analysis.
Ledbetter, Nicole
December 2008
Primary view of Applications of Single Reference Methods to Multi-Reference Problems
Jeffrey, Chris C.
May 2015
Primary view of An Approach Towards the Total Synthesis of Clonostachydiol
Maiti, Tushar B. (Tushar Baran)
August 1995
Primary view of Aqueous Solubilities and Transformation of Chlorinated Benzenes
Wang, Hui-Wen
August 1990
Primary view of Aromatic Amino Acid Studies
Sullivan, Patrick Timothy
December 1970
Primary view of The Ascorbic Acid Metabolism of Fifty College Women in the North Texas State Teachers College
Harshbarger, Marjorie
Primary view of Attempted Synthesis of 5-Allyl-5-(2-Thienyl)-Barbituric Acid
Skinner, Charles Gordon