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Primary view of Academic excellence and instructional expenditures in Texas.
Helvey, Jearl Kenton
August 2006
Primary view of Academic Progress Scores to Predict Performance on a State Assessment
Curry, David Mitchell
December 2016
Primary view of Academic Reading Online: Digital Reading Strategies of Graduate-level English Language Learners
Knezek, Lois Ann
May 2015
Primary view of Accomplished Teachers' Instructional Decisions About Shakespeare
Parris, Sheri Rene’
May 2013
Primary view of Accountability in Schools:  a Study of High School Accountability Ratings and College Success
Orsborn, Shannon
August 2013
Primary view of Accreditation Facilitation Projects:  Supporting High Quality Early Childhood Education and Care
Reinke, Stephanie L.
May 2013
Primary view of Actions Taken by Texas School Districts to Prevent Fraud
Taylor, Gordon Douglas
May 2011
Primary view of Adequacy and Equity: How the Texas Supreme Court's Perceptions Have Changed Over the Past 50 Years
Ford, Daniel William
May 2017
Primary view of African-American Parents' Nutritional Habits: Implications for the Prevention of Early Childhood Obesity.
Anderson, Andraya D.
August 2009
Primary view of African Refugee Parents' Involvement in Their Children's Schools: Barriers and Recommendations for Improvement
Githembe, Purity Kanini
December 2009
Primary view of An Analysis of a Major State and a Small Local Newspaper Reporting on Public Education in the Years 1988 and 1993
Gindt, Gerard J. (Gerard Joseph)
May 1996
Primary view of An Analysis of a Title I Inclusive Middle School Program in Texas over a Three Year Period: A Case Study
Restivo, Janet DiMaria
May 1999
Primary view of An Analysis of Advisory Committee Activities in a Successful Public School Bond Election
Waters, Philo W.
August 2004
Primary view of An Analysis of Changes in Perceptions of Certified Athletic Trainers from 1996 to 2006 on the Women in Athletic Training Survey
Dieringer, Katherine I.
May 2007
Primary view of Analysis of Factors for Successful State-Level Support of Low-Performing Schools
Ewing, Angela R.
May 2016
Primary view of An Analysis of Litigation against Kansas Educators and School Districts under the Kansas Tort Claims Act
Perry, Shaun Patrick
May 2017
Primary view of An Analysis of Performance Differences Between Self-Directed and Teacher-Directed Alternative Education Campuses in Texas
Wimberley, Alan
May 2010
Primary view of An Analysis of Program Options for Gifted Middle School Students
Curry, Brenda Lierin
May 1999
Primary view of Analysis of Qualified Immunity for Texas Public School Professional Employees as Interpreted by the Texas Courts
Carman, John Nathaniel
May 2009
Primary view of An Analysis of Teaching Periodicals for Aging Education Content
Wimsatt, T. Joy
May 2001
Primary view of Analysis of Texas Education Agency Commissioner of Education Decisions Regarding Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, School Administrator, Athletic Director and Central Office Administrator Term Contract Nonrenewal Appeals From 1983 to 2013
Ramirez, Carlos
December 2014
Primary view of An Analysis of Texas Special Education Due Process Hearings from September 1, 1983, to September 1, 1992: Implications for the Administration of Special Education Programs
Webb, Paula J. (Paula Jean)
August 1994
Primary view of An Analysis of the Benefits of the Student Success Initiative in the 3rd and 5th Grades in a District in Texas.
Neblett, Pamela S.
May 2007
Primary view of An Analysis of the Effect of Distance Learning on Student Self-Efficacy of Junior High School Spanish Students.
Vroonland, David W.
August 2004