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Persons and Places in Mark Twain's Fiction

Description: This paper focuses on Mark Twain's writing style and characterization in his fiction. The settings and characters of his fiction are in particular focus, specifically how Mark Twain draws on personal experiences and memories to make his characters and settings more relatable and realistic. A brief biography of Twain's life is given before the author goes into the specifics of characterization and settings.
Date: May 1947
Creator: Sherman, Elizabeth P.
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Sentimentalism and the Survival of the Comedy of Manners as Reflected in the Farces of the Eighteenth Century

Description: A farce, insofar as this study is concerned, is any afterpiece which has plot, dialogue, and characters. This embraces such widely scattered varieties as burlesque, dramatic satire, pastoral, comedy, and opera. This study embraces more than a hundred farces, the most popular ones of their day.
Date: 1947
Creator: Pyle, James
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William Dean Howells : the Development and Demonstration of his Theory of Fiction through 1892

Description: This study of the development of Howells's theory of fiction and the extent of its expression in his own novels involves a study of the development of his literary tastes. In order to arrive at an understanding of Howells's critical views as expressed in his own fiction, his literary notices and critical essays will be studied concurrently with his novels.
Date: 1947
Creator: Miles, Elton R.
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