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Primary view of An Adaptive Linearization Method for a Constraint Satisfaction Problem in Semiconductor Device Design Optimization
Chang, Chih-Hui, 1967-
May 1999
Primary view of Agent Extensions for Peer-to-Peer Networks.
Valiveti, Kalyan
December 2003
Primary view of Algorithms for Efficient Utilization of Wireless Bandwidth and to Provide Quality-of-Service in Wireless Networks
Kakani, Naveen Kumar
August 2000
Primary view of An Analysis of Motivational Cues in Virtual Environments.
Voruganti, Lavanya
December 2003
Primary view of Analysis of Web Services on J2EE Application Servers
Gosu, Adarsh Kumar
May 2004
Primary view of Analyzing Microwave Spectra Collected by the Solar Radio Burst Locator
Kincaid, Cheryl-Annette
May 2007
Primary view of An Annotated Bibliography of Mobile Agents in Networks
Sriraman, Sandhya
December 2002
Primary view of Arithmetic Computations and Memory Management Using a Binary Tree Encoding af Natural Numbers
Haraburda, David
December 2011
Primary view of Automated Testing of Interactive Systems
Cartwright, Stephen C.
May 1977
Primary view of Automatic Speech Recognition Using Finite Inductive Sequences
Cherri, Mona Youssef, 1956-
August 1996
Primary view of Bounded Dynamic Source Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
George, Glyco
August 2003
Primary view of Building an Intelligent Filtering System Using Idea Indexing
Yang, Li
August 2003
Primary view of A Comparison of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Frameworks and Methodologies
Lin, Chia-En
December 2003
Primary view of Computational Complexity of Hopfield Networks
Tseng, Hung-Li
August 1998
Primary view of A Computer Algorithm for Synthetic Seismograms
Isaacson, James
August 1977
Primary view of Computer Realization of Human Music Cognition
Albright, Larry E. (Larry Eugene)
August 1988
Primary view of Convexity-Preserving Scattered Data Interpolation
Leung, Nim Keung
December 1995
Primary view of DADS - A Distributed Agent Delivery System
Cozzolino, Clifford Joseph
December 2002
Primary view of Defensive Programming
Bailey, L. Mark
May 1980
Primary view of The Design and Implementation of a Prolog Parser Using Javacc
Gupta, Pankaj
August 2002
Primary view of The Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Agent-Based File System
Hopper, S. Andrew
May 2000
Primary view of A Design Approach for Digital Computer Peripheral Controllers, Case Study Design and Construction
Cabrera, A. L.
May 1976
Primary view of DirectShow Approach to Low-Cost Multimedia Security Surveillance System
Xiao, Wu
December 2002
Primary view of Dynamic Grid-Based Data Distribution Management in Large Scale Distributed Simulations
Roy, Amber Joyce
December 2000