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The West: Sparrows in the Park in Paris
A woman and two young boys watch the small birds on the ground in front of them. The tones of the postcard are brown with some green and blue muted tones included. The brush strokes are washy and loose.
Women Reading a Book
The vertically oriented postcard depicts, in the upper one-third, two women reading from a single book. The background of the postcard is an olive green and Japanese text has been written in black ink on the postcard.
Champagne Glass
The champagne glass is in the iridescent Favrile decorative technique developed by Tiffany.
Illustration for the story entitled The Nose written by Nikolai Gogol
A man in the foreground leans on a bar face against the wall while a man seen in profile behind him is holding his nose with a handkerchief.
A woman wearing a pink robe is reflected in the mirror on a wardrobe. Next to her is seated a seamstress hand-stitching a garment. The room appears to be a bedroom or dressing room. The carpet is patterned and next to the women part of a bed can be seen.
Luxe, Calme et Volupté
close det at center: seated nude woman
Luxe, Calme et Volupté
det: figures & brushwork at center
Luxe, Calme et Volupté
det: figures & brushwork at left
Luxe, Calme et Volupté
Total view of painting depicting Luxe, Calme et Volupté.
The vase's body is blue with a blue stripe around the base. Marking the shoulder area are a blue and a green stripe above which are grapes and leaves.
Waterloo Bridge, London, at Dusk
No Description Available.
Young Girl in Birch Woods
Painting depicting a young girl in Birch Woods.
Abraham Lincoln Center
The building is clad in red brick, flat topped and unadorned.
Christ with Meek
Inside a dark building, several people are seated, kneeling and standing presumably listening to a man with a halo, Christ.
The Giantest Snowball
The painting depicts a group of five boys rolling a large snowball. More boys can be seen playing in the background. The palette consists of muted tones in grays and browns. Snow is on the ground and city buildings are in the background.
Girls on a Bridge
Painting depicting girls on a bridge.
The Houses of Parliament, Sunset
No Description Available.
The Invocation
Oil painting depicting a naked woman with her arms raised to the sky. Two young women are sitting on the ground on the left and two other women are standing behind the first woman. Mountains and trees are visible in the background.
The Tragedy
Painting of three subjects (woman, man and small child) standing on land beside the ocean. Variations of blue are used throughout in combination with black and beige hues. This piece was produced during Picasso's "Blue Period".
[Vase with Raised Floral Forms]
The light blue matte-glazed vase is decorated with raised floral form.
'La Vie'
principal detail
'La Vie'
Painting entitled 'La Vie'.
Woman with Dead Child
No Description Available.
Geese, Anti-Clerical Caricature
Six clergy are seen in profile behind the silhouettes of nine geese.
President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States of America and the German Kaiser Wilhelm II, in the dispute over the German Blockade of Venezuela
No Description Available.
The Seine
No Description Available.
Self Portrait
Painting depicting a self portrait of Paula Modersohn-Becker.
Snow in New York
No Description Available.
A Summer Night
setting sun
A Summer Night
No Description Available.
La Coiffure
The painting shows the unclothed back of a female who is sitting at a dresser in front of a mirror with her arms raised fixing her hair. There is what appears to be a red garment with white trim around her lower body. A small, yellow pot holding red flowers sits on the dresser and a white fabric circles around the edges of the dresser.
The Coming Storm
A landscape painting of a storm approaching over a lake.
Consuelo Vanderbilt (1877-1964) Duchess of Marlborough
The portrait depicts the young woman in a fur coat and a large hat. The drypoint is in black on a cream color paper.
The Frenchman
Girls on a Bridge
principal detail
Girls on a Bridge
Painting depicting girls on a bridge.
Le Gourmet
Painting of a young girl tipping a bowl to scape out the last bit of food. Le Gourmet was painted by Pablo Picasso during his Blue Period. The French translation of "Le Gourmet" means "Lover of Food" in English.
Mural from the Fouquet Jewellers in Paris
The interior of the jewelry store consisted of decorative wood and bronze details including a large peacock that hung over the main jewelry cabinet.
Portrait of Mateu F. de Soto
head, garment, hands, brushwork
Portrait of Mateu F. de Soto
No Description Available.
St. James's Church at Dieppe
det: church of St. James at Dieppe, street, brushwork
Woman Holding a Dog
Pastel drawing depicts woman in light pinkish coat and black hat holding a small white dog.
Alice Antoinette de la Mar
A young girl wearing a pink dress with pink stockings and a large white feather hat is flanked by two large white and tan dogs.
Bull Temple
This close detail view shows the figure of a nude goddess.
The Clown
Seated in the middle of the room is a man wearing a woman's ruffled skirt and pink jacket. At his feet is an umbrella. The room appears to be elegant in its appointments and the wallpaper is striped with flowers.
Couple in Cloud Roundel
A roundel floats in the top half of the vertically oriented postcard and silhouetted in white is a couple.
The drum is held aloft by two sculpted figures.
Girl with a Pendulum
Painting depicting a girl with a pendulum.
Haiku Poem by Buson (1716-1783)
The poem is written in white text on the top and left edges of the postcard. The top two-thirds of the vertically oriented postcard contains a depiction of a standing rat wearing a robe and holding a sword under his arm.
Haiku Poem by Issa (1763-1827)
The top half of the postcard contains a depiction of a person on their knees with a wide-eyed expression and shoes on their hands. The poem is written along the bottom edge of the picture and the right edge of the postcard. The bottom half is empty.