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The Last Supper
The painting depicts the Last Supper with yellow streaks of light emanating from Christ's head. The background is dark and the composition mostly yellows and blues.
Portrait of a Young Woman in White
Portrait of a woman wearing a white dress, seated on a wooden chair and facing the right side of the painting. A red cloth is draped around her, over a wooden table on the left.
Tomb of Archduchess Maria Christina
Overall view
Freedom of Press
The colored etching depicts a group of people in front of many presses.
Monticello Plantation
View of the closer diagonal façade with Portico of the Monticello Plantation. From the Palladian Period.
Monticello Plantation
Frontal view of garden façade of the Monticello Plantation. From the Palladian Period.
Portrait of Countess Catharine Vassilievna Skavronskaia
No Description Available.
Asa Benjamin
Portrait of Asa Benjamin, visible from the waist up. He is wearing a dark coat with a light-colored shirt visible at the collar.
Count Ivan Ivanovich Chouvaloff
Painting depicting Count Ivan Ivanovich Chouvaloff.
Guardian Divinities
The detail view of the wall hanging shows some of the guardian divinities facial and clothing details.
Guardian Divinities
The wall hanging depicts guardian divinities in red, green, and gold colors.
Guardian Divinities
The detail view of the wall hanging depicts two guardian divinities playing musical instruments. Facial details, clothing and musical instrument details are also visible.
Mrs. Asa Benjamin
Portrait of Mrs. Asa Benjamin, visible from the waist up. She is wearing a pink dress with a white shawl draped around her chest.
Self Portrait
Fashion Before Ease or A Good Constitution Sacrificed for a Fantastic Form
The original color etching depicts a tailor attempting with great exertion to tighten a woman's corset. Text beneath the illustration is satirical in nature.
Purifying Pot of Jacobins
The painting depicts a man straining the bourgeois from a pot of Jacobins.
Cupid and Psyche
Painting depicting Cupid and Psyche.
Palacio de los Capitanes Generales
A raking view of the facade and one corner is shown in this view. Shallow balconies run the course of the building on the second floor as well as above each first floor opening. Each top floor window is topped by a sculptural pediment.
Anna Maria Cumpston
No Description Available.
Captain Elisha Denison
Portrait of Captain Elisha Denison, wearing a uniform and seated at a table. He is writing on a slip of paper and there is a book under one arm. A window is visible in the background.
Girl in a Pink Dress
The full-length portrait of the young woman wearing a pink dress is depicted in front of a heavily red draped window. Her dress includes a long white ribbon and she holds a flower in her left hand.
John Johnstone, Betty Johnstone, and Miss Wedderburn
No Description Available.