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Arched Harp
The harp has a base and a long spindle rising at an angle from the base. The strings are stretched from leather covering the base to the spindle.
The Beautiful Greek, Marie Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese
The portrait of the lady depicted is in an oval frame. She wears a red dress with her left hand to her breast holding a blue robe. Some colorful jewels are around her upper right arm.
Bird on a Tree
No Description Available.
Ceremonial Sword and Sheath
The richly decorated sheath is covered in red, yellow, blue, green and black beads.
Coffer and Scales
The coffer is topped with a set of scales in this view.
Dancing Dakini
No Description Available.
Dancing Dakini
No Description Available.
The instrument is made of a pierced metal and tapered square body decorated with a face on the side. At the top is a handle that straddles the top of the piece.
The Exhibition Stare Case
People in various states of dress tumble down a long staircase.
Gujaratan Sarangi (fiddle)
The body of the fiddle is small in relation to the neck. The instrument is highly decorated.
Musical Glasses (Armonica)
The musical instrument resembles a piece of furniture with an opening in which the glass is housed.
Pandharpuri Tambura
The long-necked instrument has four pegs and four strings. The gourd body is decorated with polychrome figures and animals. The entire outer edge of the instrument is decorated with a geometric design.
Piano Belonging to Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828)
No Description Available.
Plaza Mayor
The aerial view of the town square shows the buildings and the garden area surrounded by iron fencing. The view is from the southwest.
Plaza Mayor
This view includes the gardens enclosed by wrought iron fences.
Plaza Mayor
This view shows a detail of the elevated garden.
Plaza Mayor
This view shows a detail of the fencing and seating on one road running alongside the plaza.
Plucking the Pigeon
The painting depicts a woman plucking the feathers from a small bird. On the table in front of her are other animals, a rabbit, more fowl, and a turkey. On the wall next to the woman are butchered meats and sausages alongside some metal chargers. Some celery and greens as well as a tall teapot sit among the dead animals on the table.
Self portrait with Spectacles
A portrait of the artist, set in a gold frame.
Thod-Rnga (Damaru)
The rattle drum is unadorned and consists of two pieces with a waist in the middle.
The tubular musical instrument is strung from end to end with two strings and played with a bow. It is decorated with triangular red and black shapes.