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All Human Forms (The End of the Song of Jerusalem)
A man with a halo emanating from his head and a woman embrace in the center of this composition with the text above.
The Beautiful Greek, Marie Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese
The portrait of the lady depicted is in an oval frame. She wears a red dress with her left hand to her breast holding a blue robe. Some colorful jewels are around her upper right arm.
Bird on a Tree
No Description Available.
Corncob Capital. Carved by Giuseppe Franzoni.
Overall view
Coronation of Napoleon and Josephine in Notre Dame Cathedral
Painting depicting the coronation of Napoleon and Josephine in Notre Dame Cathedral.
Dancing Dakini
No Description Available.
Dancing Dakini
No Description Available.
Don Antonio Noriega
No Description Available.
The Exhibition Stare Case
People in various states of dress tumble down a long staircase.
Female nude
Portrait of a female nude with a head scarf.
Lady in a White Mob Cap
Profile-view portrait of a woman wearing a white cap.
Lordly Elevation
A short in stature royal stands on his crown and looks into the mirror.
Monk by the Sea
monk by the sea
Monk by the Sea
Painting depicting a monk by the sea.
Mr. Baylor
No Description Available.
Plucking the Pigeon
The painting depicts a woman plucking the feathers from a small bird. On the table in front of her are other animals, a rabbit, more fowl, and a turkey. On the wall next to the woman are butchered meats and sausages alongside some metal chargers. Some celery and greens as well as a tall teapot sit among the dead animals on the table.
The Plum Pudding in Danger
The artwork depicts two men in royal garb cutting a globe into thirds as though it were food.
Rubens Peale with a Geranium
Portrait of Rubens Peale posing with a geranium plant in a pot. Peale is wearing a white shirt and brown coat and has his right hand on the geranium's pot, on the table to his left.
Samuel Griffin
Portrait of a man seated at a table.
Self portrait with Spectacles
A portrait of the artist, set in a gold frame.
The Times of Day: Morning
Painting depicting the times of day: morning.
Unfinished Portrait of Napoleon I (1769-1821), formerly attributed to Jacques Louis David
An unfinished portrait of Napoleon.
The Union Club
A raucous party is taking place in this engraving.
The Westwood Children
Portrait of three boys wearing green suits, standing together. The boy on the far left is holding a branch of berries or flowers, the boy in the middle is holding a rose, and the tallest boy, on the right, is holding a basket of flowers. A small black dog is on the right, holding a bird in its mouth.