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Description: Man's necktie of black, yellow, brown and white plaid. Measures to a width of 3 1/2" and has no lining. Designer's label reads: "Hand Woven By / McCrossen / Santa Fe, N.M." with picture of a person weaving on a loom.
Date: 1950/1980
Creator: McCrossen
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design


Description: Pair of commercially produced Wrangler denim jeans that were found in the southern Rocky mountains across from Red River, New Mexico in the late 1960's. The pants had been bleached in irregular patterns by the sun, and had various worn and torn places. After discovery, the Wranglers were embellished with red velour fabric pieces to cover some of the worst structural damage, and with a commercially available embroidered butterfly patch added below waistband at center back. Labels: Evidence of rectangular tag having been sewn on right-side back pocket. Both back pockets have "W" stitching; Fly button engraved "Wrangler"; Tag sewn inside fly: "Wrangler / 30 x 34 / Sanforized / Made in U.S.A."; Zipper pull stamped "Gripper Zipper" and "Pat Pending"; Marked on left front pocket, inside pants: "GDW"
Date: 1960/1969
Creator: Wrangler
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Beaded leather ensemble

Description: Suit of red suede in a beaded Native American Indian style feather motif.
Date: 1993/2004
Creator: Grimes, Barbara
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design
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