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Festival Attire - Akha Hill Tribe

Description: Festival ensemble, Akha Hill Tribe, Thailand. a) Jacket/bodice. Jacket or bodice of black cotton, waist-length, with no collar, shaped neckline, and front opening with no closures. On right side of bodice at upper breast/collarbone is applied panel/section which forms edge of opening. Panel has "zig-zag" effect of three points created by patchwork of various printed fabrics and applied thin bands. Long sleeves with blue fabric sewn at ends to create cuffs. At back, "hanging" from collar is patchwork panel of patterned cloths shaped as a trapezoid with curved long side. Primarily lined in blue cloth with white geometric/linear designs, part of embroidery panel at front lined with a printed brown fabric with small black/yellow geometric design. (zig-zag panel at front) b) Pants. Pants of black cotton embellished with multicolored embroidery. Full-length depending on height of wearer. Wide plain waistband in front, elasticized section at back, and with attached string belt at side which has pom-pom terminals. At front, from waistband, are two "flaps" over upper legs, one forming a pocket with wide decorative band at top consisting of red strips of fabric on dark blue fabric band. The second flap has wide horizontal band of embroidered fabric, with bands of diamonds, squares, "x" shapes, etc. in yellow, blue, white, black, etc. on primarily orange ground. Cuffs of pants, at outer side of each leg, has rectangular applied panels of cross-stitch embroidered fabric in reddish, white, and mustard, with applied machine-woven decorative ribbon with pink squares and blue shapes. Unlined. No labels or tags in garment. c) Hat. Black with beading and silver and shells, with red decorations and pendant parts d) Belt. Black cotton(?) belt formed as a rectangle, upper and side edges straight, lower edge gently scalloped to form points at center front and at sides. Belt is edged ...
Date: [1975..2000]
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Festival ensemble

Description: Festival ensemble from the Lisu, a Thai hill tribe. a) Top. b) Pants of hand-woven cotton with rice paste indigo resist patterning, applique, and cross stitch. c) Pouch of woven bamboo stained a dark maroon. Flat oval top, oval body, tapering to ridge at bottom. Lid secured with loop and latch. Around body of bag is band of blue and red beads and small bells. Maroon feather "pendants" at either side which terminate in a bell. Black cord shoulder strap, with "bracelet" form fastened around strap, of maroon yarn with cowrie shells. Unlined. d) Headpiece. Flat top crown of wound bamboo with 6cm wide headband. Back of headpiece has a hanging 18cm panel of black woven hemp(?) fabric. Entire headpiece is elaborately trimmed in strung and hanging shells, beads, ribbons, and silver studs.
Date: 1990
Creator: Thai Lisu Hill Tribe
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design