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Hat of beige felt. Styled somewhat as a fedora, the cylindrical crown has a sunken, flat crown. Around the base of the crown is a wide band of golden satin ribbon, and narrow cords of gold, bronze, and silver. All tie at back, the cords becoming tassels. The wide brim curves up at front and left, down to right and back. The hat is unlined, with a wide inner hatband of pale peach. Combined Designer/Retailer's label: "Original / Helen Smith / Marshall Field Annex - Chicago" Manufacturer's stamp for felt body: "Merrimac / Merrivale / Fur Felt"
Hatlet of white beadwork. Base of hatlet is an irregularly shaped openwork skullcap of stiffened white mesh completely covered in white beads. Surmounting the cap are three 3-dimensional bow forms made of white beads. Hatlet has black mesh veiling, with scattered pairs of white beads worked into some intersections. Cap lined with stiffened white mesh. At either side are attached small plastic combs to secure hatlet to wearer's head. Designer's label: "Bes-Ben / Made in Chicago" Gift of John C. Murphy, through the Chicago Historical Society.
Hatlet of red beads. Crown of the hatlet is composed of an irregular skullcap of stiffened red mesh covered with red beads. Set atop the the hatlet are three large e-dimentional "bow" shapes composed of the red beads. The hatlet has a red net veil. Under the skullcap are attached two small plastic combs to secure the hatlet to wearer's head. Designer's Label: "Bes-Ben / Made in Chicago" Gift of Mrs. John M. (Patricia) Wyle. Worn by Mrs. Joseph M. Finn of Chicago, Illinois.