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Bedouin ensemble

Description: A) Abaya (robe) of black polyester. Large, rectangular, almost square garment with center-front opening. Undefined neckline, straight across back, and straight down on either side of neck. Armholes at upper edges of sides. Unlined. Label at inside center back below neckline with Arabic script. B) Tarha (shawl/head cover) of black polyester net/mesh. Large rectangular panel, one edge of which has applied band of black with gold edging and foliate form along the length. That edge is to from the "front" of the tarha, with the band forming the edging to frame the face, and is sewn together below chin. No labels or tags in garment. C) Niqab (face veil) of black polyester with beadwork. Black velvet head-band/ribbon at top, from which hangs the niqab from three black braided cords at nose and either side of face. The face-covering veil is formed of a roughly rectangular piece of fine black polyester mesh, folded over at top to create a "flap"/2nd layer of cloth over the face. Along the lower edge of the "flap" is beaded fringe band composed of circular silver beads and dark blue tubular beads forming a "zig-zag" line along the edge. The under layer of the veil is roughly cut along the lower and right edges. No fastener, to be pinned closed. No labels or tags in garment. The gold trim on the tarha (head scarf) and the bead work on the niqab (veil) would not be seen on the streets in a city - strictly a Bedouin style.
Date: unknown
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design
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