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Primary view of ²³⁵U(n,f), ²³⁸U(n, gamma), ²³⁸U(n,f), ²³⁹Pu(n,f) Reaction Rate Measurement Calibrations at ZPPR
Poenitz, W. P.; Maddison, D. W.; Gasidlo, J. M.; Carpenter, S.G. & Armani, R. J.
January 1987
Primary view of 3DTOM, Three-Dimensional Geophysical Tomography
Jackson, M. J. & Tweeton, Daryl R.
Primary view of 6144-Channel Time-of-Flight Analyzer
Walker, R. A. & Russell, J. T.
September 1964
Primary view of 630A Maritime Nuclear Steam Generator Scoping Study
unknown creator
April 6, 1962
Primary view of 630A Maritime Nuclear Steam Generator: Status Report Number 1
unknown creator
September 12, 1963
Primary view of 770MWe Central Station Power Plants Investment Cost Study: Volume 5, High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor Plant
United Engineers & Constructors, inc.
December 1973
Primary view of The A.B.C. "Robin" (British) : a single-seat cabin monoplane
unknown creator
September 1929
Primary view of The A. B. Flygindustri "K 37" (Swedish Junkers) : A Low-Wing All-Metal Military Airplane
unknown creator
October 1929
Primary view of N.A.C.A. control position recorder
Norton, F. H.
May 1922
Primary view of N.A.C.A. Langley field wind tunnel apparatusthe tilting manometer
Norton, F. H. & Bacon, D. L.
January 1921
Primary view of N.A.C.A. recording  air speed meter
Norton, F. H.
October 1921
Primary view of N.A.C.A. Stall-Warning Device
Thompson, F. L.
February 1938
Primary view of The A.N.E.C. IV "Missel Thrush" light airplane
unknown creator
November 1926
Primary view of The Aachen wind-tunnel balance
Wieselsberger, C
November 1934
Primary view of Abacus for the reduction of English measures to the metric system and vice versa
Tenani, Mario
July 1921
Primary view of Abacus giving the variation of the mean pressure of an aviation engine as a function of its speed of rotation
Margoulis, W
March 1921
Primary view of Ability of pilots to control simulated short-period yawing oscillations
Phillips, William H & Cheatham, Donald C
November 13, 1950
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in M-252 and S-816 alloys
Decker, R F; Rush, A I; Dano, A G & Freeman, J W
November 1957
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in nickel-base heat-resistant alloys
Decker, R F; Rush, A I; Dano, A G & Freeman, A G
December 1957
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in S-816 alloy
Rush, A I; Freeman, J W & White, A E
April 1952
Primary view of Abscissas and Weights for Guassian Quadrature For N=2 to 100, and N-125, 150, 175, 200
Love, Carl H.
December 28, 1966
Primary view of Absolute coefficients and the graphical representation of airfoil characteristics
Munk, Max
June 1921
Primary view of Absolute dimensions of Karman vortex motion
Heisenberg, Werner
January 1923
Primary view of Absorbing landing shocks
Warner, Edward P.
August 1923