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Conceptual Design Study of a One Million Gallon Per Day MSM Desalination Plant-Replacement for Demonstration Plant No. 2 at Point Loma, San Diego, California
From foreward: "This is another of a series of reports designed to present accounts of progress on saline water conversion with the expectation that the exhange of such data will contribute to the long range development of economical processes applicable to large scale desalination plants for conversion of sea and other saline waters." This particular report describes various aspects of a demonstration plant in San Diego, California.
Development Report Number 5: Saline Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 1, Freeport, Texas
Report regarding plant productivity of Saline Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 1. Two developmental trail runs are discussed, including their objectives, results, and a summary of the findings.
Development Report Number 6: Saline Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 1, Freeport, Texas
Report regarding the eighth Development Run of Saline Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 1. Primary objectives include studying "various aspects of heat transfer and water treatment and their effect on the Multiple-Effect Long-Tube-Vertical Evaporation Process" (p. 1).
Economic Effects of Mineral Content in Municipal Water Supplies
No Description Available.
The Economics of a Regional Municipal Desalting System in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
Report containing the results of a study of the costs of a large-scale desalting system that served an inter-municipal area in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas.
The Economics of Desalting Brackish Waters for Regional, Municipal and Industrial Water Supply in West Texas
"This report presents the results of a study of the preliminary feasibility and economics of desalting brackish waters for municipal and industrial watter supply in candidate regions of West Texas" (p. ii).
Equipment Components for Large Evaporator Plants: A Summary Report
Report issued by the Office of Saline Water over studies conducted on equipment needed at seawater distillation plants. Each equipment component is discussed in detail. This report includes tables, illustrations, and a photograph.
Evaluation of Brine Desulfating Process As Applied To Desalination Phase 1
Report issued by the Office of Saline Water over studies conducted on the desulfating process at desalination plants. As stated in the introduction, "the explicit purpose of this study is to determine whether or not application of the feed-water desulfating process to the feed to a desalting plant will reduce the overall cost of desalted water" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Evaluation of Liquid-Liquid Heat Transfer for Large-Scale Desalination
Report evaluating the possibility of eliminating corrodible metallic heat transfer surfaces from sea water desalination streams, using direct-contact liquid-liquid heat transfer instead.
Experimental Investigation of Direct Freeze Separation Process Using Refrigerant R-C318 (Octafluorocyclobutane)
Report concerning the possible use of octafluorocyclobutane, R-C318, being used in the direct freezing process as a means of extracting fresh water from sea water. Topics include using R-C318 to make ice, flash precooling, design of a small direct freezing pilot plant using R-C318, and related economic studies.
Preliminary Design of a Diesel-Powered Vapor-Compression Plant for Evaporation of Seawater
From Introduction and Objectives: "This report presents a preliminary analysis of a 2.04-Mgd distillation plant which provides a distinct potential for reducing water production costs to about $0.65 per 1000 gallons."
Saline Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 1, Freeport, Texas, Volume 5
Report documenting the ongoing progress and economic concerns of Saline Water Conversion Demonstration Plant No. 1 in Freeport, Texas.
Scale Control With Graphite Heat-Transfer Tubes of Controlled Permeability to Steam
From Introduction: "The present project authorized under OSW Contract No. 14-01-0001-685 was undertaken to investigate the feasibility of controlling calcium sulfate scale by permission of condensate through graphite heat-transfer tubes. Specifically, the following tasks were accomplished during the course of this contract: Graphite tubes 108" long X 2" O.D. x 1 1/2" I.D. were manufactured at three permeability levels. A test apparatus was constructed and proved out as a useful and reliable probe. Tests were conducted at two brine concentrations. Some correlation of test considerations with scale formation was found. The economic practicality and the feasibility of using permeable tubes for desalinization were established."
Summary Evaluation of Conceptual Design for 50 MGD Desalination Plant
Report issued by the Office of Saline Water discussing the conceptual design of a 50 MGD water desalination plant. Numerous design concepts are presented, along with detailed descriptions and comparisons of the different designs. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Third Annual Report: Brackish Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 4, Roswell, New Mexico
From Abstract: "Primary interest was placed on the scale formation problem. Significant improvements were made in the process and described in this report. Maintenance requirements were unusually high during the year, primarily as a result of cumulative corrosion damage over the last three years. The most significant damage was in the circulating pumps, the heat exchangers and feed piping. These and other failures are described."
Vertical-Tube Evaporator Pilot Plant Report, Volume 1, July 1, 1967
Report documenting the ongoing research and developments undertaken at a pilot plant with five vertical-tube evaporators.