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Evaluation of a Thin-Film Sea Water Distillation Unit for Marine and Shore Base Application
Report issued by the Office of Saline Water over studies conducted on a thin film sea water distillation unit. As stated in the summary, "a General Electric Thin Film Sea Water Distillation Unit designed for marine application has been evaluated. The results demonstrate the feasibility of the thin film process for this application. The technology made available by this work provides criteria for the design of compact equipment" (p. 1). This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Investigation of Supersaturation in Saline Water Conversion
From Objectives and Outline of the Program: "The primary objective of this work has been the determination of the conditions which control the allowable level of supersaturation of the conditions which control the allowable level of supersaturation of calcium sulfate in the waste stream of electrodialysis demieralizers."
A New Process for the Production of Fresh Water From Sea Water
From Summary: "This report is not only the final report under contract #14-01-001-189 but also the first submitted for publication and general distribution on the subject of fresh water from saline water by the Struthers Wells - Scientific Design process."
Study and Field Evaluation of Solar Sea-Water Stills
From Introduction: "This report describes the progress of the study and field evaluation of solar sea-water stills during the first 2 years of a research program being conducted for the Office of Saline Water, United States Department of the Interior, by Battelle Memorial Institute. The period covered by the report extends from January 20, 1958, to January 31, 1960."
Vapor Compression with Secondary Heat-Transfer Media
From Introduction: "The use of a secondary heat-transfer media in a vapor-compression distillation unit was suggested for investigation as a process for saline water conversion because previous studies on the vapor-compression cycle at low temperatures showed that the fixed charges on the compressor are a substantial part of the final water-product cast. Other fluids were evaluated as above, the results of which are shown in table 1. Data on the other fluids shown in table 1 will be found in the appendix."