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Aerodynamic characteristics of a slot-lip aileron and slotted flap for dive brakes

Description: From Introduction: "As a part of this investigation, a study is being made of test results obtained during the development of devices designed primarily for other purposes, such as high lift or lateral control, but which may also be used for dive control. These results have been reanalyzed and are herein presented in a form that should make them convenient for design purposes."
Date: April 1941
Creator: Rogallo, F M
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper casting alloys

Description: From Introduction: "This paper contains data on the mechanical properties of sand-cast test bars having a considerable range in zinc, magnesium, and copper content and more detailed data on the properties and foundry characteristics of an aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper alloy having a preferred composition for high strength and ductility."
Date: July 1941
Creator: Kempf, L. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An analytical study of wing and tail loads associated with an elevator deflection

Description: From Introduction: "The present paper covers step 1 of the outlined investigation, includes methods of computing the variation of wing and tail loads, and gives numerical results of the application of the theory to the BT-9B airplane. Finally, theoretical formulas are developed and charts are given for computing the maximum increments of wing load, the down-tail load, and the up-tail load following a given elevator displacement."
Date: June 1941
Creator: Garvin, J B
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Development of Cowling for Long-Nose Air-Cooled Engine in the NACA Full-Scale Wind Tunnel

Description: An investigation of cowlings for long-nose radial engines was made on the Curtiss XP-42 fighter in the NACA full-scale wind tunnel. The unsatisfactory aerodynamic characteristics of all the cowlings with scoop inlets tested led to the development of the annular high-velocity inlet cowlings. Tests showed that ratio of cooling-air velocity at cowling inlet to stream velocity should not be less than 0.5 for this type of cowling and that critical compressibility speed can be extended to more than 500 mph at 20,000 ft altitude.
Date: October 1, 1941
Creator: Guryansky, Eugene R. & Silverstein, Abe
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Flight Investigation of Wing-Gun Fairings on a Fighter Type Airplane

Description: Description is given of flight tests conducted on gun fairings, designed to correct the detrimental effects of the projecting and submerged wing guns on an F4F-3 fighter. It was found that the installation of unfaired guns on a clean wing resulted in a premature stall that increased the stalling speed in the carrier-approach and landing conditions of flight by suitably fairing the guns, it was possible to reduce the stalling speeds to values approaching very nearly the clean-wing values.
Date: October 1, 1941
Creator: White, M D
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department