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Analysis and Summary Report of Operation Guantanamo Naval Base Desalination Facility
Report analyzing the Guantanamo Naval Base 2.25 MGD desalting and power generation facility in order to create a guide for the research and development programs for the Office of Saline Water and for commercial desalinization facilities.
Annual Report (FY 1968): Webster Test Facility and Electrodialysis Test-Bed Plant, Webster, South Dakota
Report presenting progress in saline water conversion at the Test-Bed Plant in Webster, South Dakota, and the economics of its operation.
Annual Report (FY 1969): Webster Test Facility and Electrodialysis Test-Bed Plant, Webster, South Dakota
Report presenting progress in saline water conversion at the Test-Bed Plant in Webster, South Dakota, and the economics of its operation.
Design of a Basin-Type Solar Still
From Introduction: "This report describes the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of a particular solar still that has been shown to be a practical for converting saline water to fresh water at low cost in localities where there is a reasonable amount of sunshine. A series of photographs is included which illustrate the steps in constructing a still."
Development of a Thin-Liquid-Film Membrane Unit for Desalination by Reverse Osmosis
No Description Available.
Development of Polyphenylene Oxide Membranes
Report concerning manufacturing variables on sulfonated polyphenylene oxide reverse osmosis membranes. The effects these variables have membrane performance are discussed as well as procedures to increase membrane reproducibility and performance.
Development of the Direct Freeze Separation Process
Report regarding the construction and testing of a sea water to fresh water conversion plant which uses a freezing method to remove salt. The report also presents information regarding the plant's economic and technical feasibility.
Development Report Number 7: Saline Water Conversion Test Bed Plant, Freeport, Texas
Report regarding the ninth Development Run of Saline Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 1. Primary objectives include studying "various aspects of heat transfer and sea water and condensate treatment and their effect on the Multiple-Effect Long-Tube-Vertical Evaporation Process" (p. 1).
Evaluation of Concrete and Related Materials for Desalination Plants: Second Annual Progress Report
Report investigating concrete for use in a sea water desalination plant. Concretes containing both natural and limestone aggregates were tested under the temperature, pressure, salinity, and structural stress conditions that could be expected in such a plant.
Heat Transfer in the LTV Evaporator: An Analysis of Pilot Plant Data and Predictive Techniques for Plant Operation and Design
Summary & Conclusions: "The study presented in this report was directed toward resolving the uncertainties in the design and prediction methods for heat transfer performance as well as toward analyzing certain aspects of the scaling problem."
Large Reverse Osmosis System Technology and Module Development
From Introduction: "This is the final report on a program of reverse osmosis research conducted for the Office of Saline Water, U.S. Department of the Interior, under Contract 14-01-0001-929. The purpose of the program was the development of larger spiral-wound reverse osmosis modules for economical application in large reverse osmosis systems."
Multiple Phase Ejector Pilot Plant
From Introduction: "This is the final report on work performed by Joseph Kaye & Company, Inc. (JKCo) in accordance with the requirements of OSW Contract No. 14-01-0001-2105, as amended. The work concerned the final design, construction, and operation of a pilot plant for demonstrating Multiple Phase Ejector (MPE) topping units to augment the performance of distillation desalination systems."
A New Process for the Production of Fresh Water From Sea Water
From Summary: "This report is not only the final report under contract #14-01-001-189 but also the first submitted for publication and general distribution on the subject of fresh water from saline water by the Struthers Wells - Scientific Design process."
Seawater Tubular Reverse Osmosis Membranes
From Introduction and Summary: "The objective of this program was to improve the quality, performance, and useful life of seawater tubular reverse osmosis membranes. The secondary objective was the evaluation of defect-free membranes in a small module with both sodium chloride and with actual seawater."