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15 Mile Road/Edison Corridor Sewer Tunnel Failure Study, Detroit Area, Michigan

Description: Partial abstract: "The study consisted of field and laboratory investigations, construction evaluation, and geotechnical and structural analyses to determine the cause(s) of distress and failure of a 2600-ft section of 12-ft 9-in. diameter concrete-lined sanitary sewer tunnel in the Detroit, Mich., area. [...] The report includes summaries of all pertinent construction records, results of all pertinent past and current field and laboratory tests on construction and geotechnical materials, and detailed geotechnical and structural analyses based on observed conditions and measured parameters."
Date: January 1981
Creator: Albert, Dick
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The 300 H.P. Benz Aircraft Engine

Description: This report provides a description of the Benz 300 H.P. aircraft engine containing 12 cylinders placed at a 60° angle. It includes a detailed description of the development of the constructional points, particularly the cylinders, pistons, and connecting rods, as well as the engine fitting, lubrication, oil pumps, bearings, oil tank, fuel pump, carburetors, and cooling system. There are seven pages of illustrative figures at the end of the report.
Date: January 1921
Creator: Heller, A.
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²³⁵U(n,f), ²³⁸U(n, gamma), ²³⁸U(n,f), ²³⁹Pu(n,f) Reaction Rate Measurement Calibrations at ZPPR

Description: New reference deposits for uranium-235, plutonium-239 and uranium-238 have been established with mass uncertainties of <0.2%. These new deposits replace the older reference deposits which were used during the last 17 years and improve the uncertainty of reaction rate measurements due to reference mass uncertainties by about a factor of 6. Measurements of the fission fragment absorption in 2 pi and low-geometry count rates. Two measurements of the uranium-238 capture rate in depleted uranium samples based upon the thermal cross sections of uranium-238(n, gamma), uranium-235(n,f) and plutonium-239(n,f) and based upon the americium-243 calibration technique confirm the ZPPR measurement technique within the quoted uncertainty of +/-0.5%
Date: January 1987
Creator: Poenitz, W. P.; Maddison, D. W.; Gasidlo, J. M.; Carpenter, S.G. & Armani, R. J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

N.A.C.A. Langley field wind tunnel apparatus: The tilting manometer

Description: A description is given of a tilting manometer designed to meet the requirements of a manometer for use in the wind tunnel at the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory. This gauge was designed to meet the requirements of a manometer in use in connection with a static pressure plate to indicate the wind speed in the tunnel. The requirements are noted. The sensitivity of the gauge must be made inversely proportional to the pressure to be measured. The gauge must be accurately and quickly set for any desired pressure.
Date: January 1921
Creator: Norton, F. H. & Bacon, D. L.
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Absolute Dimensions of Karman Vortex Motion

Description: Note presenting an investigation of the Karman vortex street, which is a flow arrangement occurring behind a plate. The equations governing the flow and some of the hypotheses behind it are provided.
Date: January 1923
Creator: Heisenberg, Werner
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Acceleration Characteristics of R-3350 Engine Equipped with NACA Injection Impeller

Description: From Summary: "Qualitative investigations have shown that use of the NACA injection impeller with the R-3350 engine increases the inertia of the fuel-injection system and, when the standard fuel-metering system is used, this increase in inertia results in poor engine acceleration characteristics. This investigation was therefore undertaken to determine whether satisfactory acceleration characteristics of the engine equipped with the injection impeller could be obtained by simple modifications to the fuel-monitoring system. The engine was operated with two types of carburetor; namely, a hydraulic-metering carburetor incorporating a vacuum-operated accelerating pump and a direct-metering carburetor having a throttle-actuated accelerating pump."
Date: January 8, 1947
Creator: Hickel, Robert O. & Snider, William E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Achievement of Continuous Wall Curvature in Design of Two-Dimensional Symmetrical Supersonic Nozzles

Description: "Auxiliary boundary conditions are derived to assure continuity of wall curvature in applying the method of characteristics to the design of two-dimensional symmetrical supersonic nozzles. An illustrative example is included" (p. 1).
Date: January 1952
Creator: Evvard, J. C. & Marcus, Lawrence R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Acoustic Flowmeter Prototype Evaluation Tests

Description: Summary: "Prototype tests of an acoustic flowmeter system were made in a 24-ftdiam power penstock at Oahe Dam to evaluate the system prior to permanent installation in the outlet works at Summersville Dam. Comparative discharge measurements included acoustic, penstock pressure-momentum (Gibson), turbine model test ratings, scroll-case pressure differential (Winter-Kennedy flowmeter), and surge tank volume changes. The acoustic flowmeter measurements were very consistent and many of the comparisons were within 1%. The location of the measuring section for a single-path acoustic flowmeter must be selected to give a known or measurable relation between the flow pattern of the whole section and that along the acoustic path" (p. xi).
Date: January 1968
Creator: Pickett, Ellis B.
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Activities and Operations of the Advanced Computing Research Facility : November 1987-December 1988

Description: Report on the activities of Argonne Advanced Computing Research Facility, including LAPACK, vectorizing compilers, algorithm design and restructuring, automated deduction, three-dimensional scientific visualization, and graphics trace facilities.
Date: January 1989
Creator: Pieper, Gail W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Additional design charts relating to the stalling of tapered wings

Description: From Introduction: "The present report, therefore, may be considered a supplement to reference 1. The combined scope of the stall charts of reference 1, designated A, and of the present work, designated B, is summarized in the following table: For the wing with root thickness ratio to 18 was also investigated.
Date: January 1943
Creator: Harmon, Sidney M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Additional experimental heat-transfer and durability data on several forced-convection, air-cooled, strut-supported turbine blades of improved design

Description: Report presenting an investigation at the Lewis laboratory to develop air-cooled, strut-supported turbine blades. Six blades were investigated in a full-scale turbojet engine to obtain data on blade durability and blade-cooling effectiveness and strut temperature. Results regarding the heat-transfer investigation and blade-durability investigation are provided.
Date: January 19, 1955
Creator: Schum, Eugene F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Advanced Evaporator Technology Progress Report FY 1992

Description: This report summarizes the work that was completed in FY 1992 on the program "Technology Development for Concentrating Process Streams." The purpose of this program is to evaluate and develop evaporator technology for concentrating radioactive waste and product streams such as those generated by the TRUEX process. Concentrating these streams and minimizing the volume of waste generated can significantly reduce disposal costs; however, equipment to concentrate the streams and recycle the decontaminated condensates must be installed. LICON, Inc., is developing an evaporator that shows a great deal of potential for this application. In this report, concepts that need to be incorporated into the design of an evaporator operated in a radioactive environment are discussed. These concepts include criticality safety, remote operation and maintenance, and materials of construction. Both solubility and vapor-liquid equilibrium data are needed to design an effective process for concentrating process streams. Therefore, literature surveys were completed and are summarized in this report. A model that is being developed to predict vapor phase compositions is described. A laboratory-scale evaporator was purchased and installed to study the evaporation process and to collect additional data. This unit is described in detail. Two new LICON evaporators are being designed for installation at Argonne-East in FY 1993 to process low-level radioactive waste generated throughout the laboratory. They will also provide operating data from a full-sized evaporator processing radioactive solutions. Details on these evaporators are included in this report.
Date: January 1995
Creator: Chamberlain, D. B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Advanced Fuel Cell Development Progress Report: January-March 1984

Description: Quarterly report discussing fuel cell research and development work at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). This report describes activitiesdirected toward seeking alternative cathode materials to NiO for molten carbonate fuel cells.
Date: January 1985
Creator: Pierce, Robert Dean; Baumert, B.; Claar, T. D.; Fousek, R. J.; Huang, H. S.; Kaun, T. D. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Advanced Test Reactor Turbo Report

Description: From abstract: "The time-dependent behavior of the Advanced Test Reactor was calculated by the Babcock & Wilcox Company on the Philco 2000 computer, using the Turbo depletion program."
Date: January 1964
Creator: Turner, Robert A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

AEC Group Shelter

Description: Report regarding the study of an underground group-shelter meant to protect against nuclear blasts, radiation, and fallout. The report presents a design for such a shelter, the minimum requirements that such a shelter should meet, a description of its facilities, illustrations, and an operating manual.
Date: January 1960
Creator: Holmes & Narver
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Aerial navigation : on the problem of guiding aircraft in a fog or by night when there is no visibility

Description: Report discussing the use of magnetic fields and wire to navigate aircraft in conditions of poor visibility is presented. This field may be considered to be derived from a double lemniscate, considered in the particular case where the origin is a double point formed from the magnetic field of the slack wire, from the field produced by the return currents and from the field due to the currents induced in the conducting mass. These fields are dephased in two ways, one in the direction of the wire, the other in a direction perpendicular to it.
Date: January 1922
Creator: Loth, William
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An aerodynamic analysis of the autogiro rotor with a comparison between calculated and experimental results

Description: This report presents an extension of the autogiro theory of Glauert and Lock in which the influence of a pitch varying with the blade radius is evaluated and methods of approximating the effect of blade tip losses and the influence of reversed velocities on the retreating blades are developed. A comparison of calculated and experimental results showed that most of the rotor characteristics could be calculated with reasonable accuracy, and that the type of induced flow assumed has a secondary effect upon the net rotor forces, although the flapping motion is influenced appreciably. An approximate evaluation of the effect of parasite drag on the rotor blades established the importance of including this factor in the analysis.
Date: January 17, 1934
Creator: Wheatley, John B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Aerodynamic characteristics at subsonic and transonic speeds of a 42.7 degree sweptback wing model having an aileron with finite trailing-edge thickness

Description: Report presenting an investigation at subsonic and transonic speeds in the high-speed 7- by 10-foot tunnel to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of a 42.7 degree sweptback wing with a 20-percent-chord and 50-percent-span outboard aileron. The investigation was performed in transonic flow over a bump on the tunnel floor and in subsonic flow on one of the tunnel side walls.
Date: January 12, 1949
Creator: Turner, Thomas R.; Lockwood, Vernard E. & Vogler, Raymond D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Aerodynamic characteristics at supersonic speeds of a series of wing-body combinations having cambered wings with an aspect ratio of 3.5 and a taper ratio of 0.2: Effects of sweep angle and thickness ratio on the aerodynamic characteristics in pitch

Description: Report presenting an investigation in the 4- by 4-foot supersonic pressure tunnel at Mach number 1.60 to determine the effects of sweep and thickness on the longitudinal characteristics of a series of wing-body combinations with cambered wings with an aspect ratio of 3.5 and taper ratio of 0.2. The results show the effects of sweep, thickness, and the horizontal canard surface on the lift, drag, and pitching-moment coefficients and lift-drag ratios. The lift-curve slope, aerodynamic-center locations, maximum lift-drag ratios, lift coefficients for maximum lift-drag ratio, and drag-rise factor are presented.
Date: January 10, 1952
Creator: Robinson, Ross B. & Driver, Cornelius
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department