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Primary view of Mining and Treatment of Feldspar and Kaolin in the Southern Appalachian Region
Watts, A. S.
Primary view of Mining and Concentration of Carnotite Ores
Kithil, Karl L. & Davis, John A.
Primary view of The Technology of Marble Quarrying
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of Molybdenum; Its Ores and their Concentration with a Discussion of Markets, Prices, and Uses
Horton, Frederick W.
Primary view of Refining and Utilization of Georgia Kaolins
Sproat, Ira E.
Primary view of Sandstone Quarrying in the United States
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of The Feldspars of the New England and North Appalachian States
Watts, A. S.
Primary view of Investigations of Zirconium with Especial Reference to the Metal and Oxide: Historical Review and Bibliography
Marden, J. W. & Rich, M. N.
Primary view of Melting Brass in a Rocking Electric Furnace
Gillett, H. W. & Rhoads, A. E.
Primary view of Rock Quarrying for Cement Manufacture
Bowles, Oliver
June 1918
Primary view of Extraction and Recovery of Radium, Uranium and Vanadium from Carnotite
Parsons, Charles L.; Moore, R. B.; Lind, S. C. & Schaefer, O. C.
November 1915
Primary view of Gypsum Products: Their Preparation and Uses
Stone, Ralph W.
July 1917