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Limnology of Lago Loiza, Puerto Rico

Description: From purpose and study: The principal objectives of this study were as follows: (1) to determine the existing water-quality conditions in Lago Loiza as reflected by the principal chemical, physical, biological and bacteriological characteristics in the lake and its tributaries. (2) To estimate the reservoir's water budget during the study period, including the contributions from the tributaries and other sources. (3) Estimation of the reservoir's overall nitrogen and phosphorus budget, including the principal sources and sinks of these nutrients. (4) Definition of the sedimentation rate in the reservoir.
Date: February 1980
Creator: Quinones-Marquez, Ferdinand
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Limnology of Laguna Tortuguero, Puerto Rico

Description: Abstract: The principal chemical, physical and biological characteristics, as well as the hydrology of Laguna Tortuguero, Puerto Rico, were studied from 1974-75. The lagoon, with and area of 2.24 square kilometers and a volume of about 2.68 million cubic meters, contains about 5 percent of seawater. Drainage through a canal on the north side averages 0.64 cubic meters per second per day, flushing the lagoon about 7.5 times per year. Chloride and sodium are the principal ions in the water, ranging from 300 to 700 mg/L and 150 to 400 mg/L, respectively. Among the nutrients, nitrogen averages about 1.7 milligrams per liter, exceeding phosphorus in a weight ratio of 170:1. About 10 percent of the nitrogen and 40 percent of the phosphorus entering the lagoon is retained. The bottom sediments, with a volume of about 4.5 million cubic meters, average 0.8 and 0.014 percent nitrogen and phosphorus, respectively.
Date: March 1978
Creator: Quinones-Marquez, Ferdinand & Fuste, Luis A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Statistical Summary of Daily Values Data and Trend Analysis of Dissolved-Solids Data at National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN) Stations

Description: From abstract: A statistical summary of the available continuous and once-daily discharge, specific-conductance, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and pH data collected at NASQAN stations during the 1973-81 water years and documentation of the period of record on which the statistical calculations were based are presented.
Date: 1983
Creator: Wells, Frank C. & Schertz, Terry L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department