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Coal Project: Five Year Framework (FY 1976 Through FY 1980)
This document presents the total scope of the framework for the U.S. Coal Project during fiscal years 1976 through 1980. The project was initiated to provide information for appropriate involvement of the Fish and Wildlife Service in U.S. coal development actions.
National Coastal Ecological Research : Existing and Proposed Energy Developments
The purpose of this report is to compile existing information about energy developments in the coastal zone. Information was gathered on existing and proposed energy developments in order to allow some assessment of future impacts in the coastal zone from energy-related developments.
Atlas of Irradiated Fuel Structures
Compilation of photographs, photomicrograph mosaics of fuel element cross-sections, and autoradiographs of irradiated fuels. These images were colleted to understand in-reactor fuel kinetics and illustrate structural changes that occur during irradiation of ceramic fuel elements.
From Sundials to Atomic Clocks: Understanding Time and Frequency
Book presenting an introduction to time, timekeeping, and the uses of time information, especially in the scientific and technical areas. Serves as introductory text for laymen.
Natural Ventilation of Michigan Copper Mines
Technical paper issued by the Bureau of Mines over the ventilation of copper mines in Michigan. Natural ventilation of the mines and mining conditions are discussed. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations.
Directions for Sampling Coal for Shipment or Delivery
Technical paper issued by the Bureau of Mines with instructions for coal sampling for shipment. As stated in the introduction, "this paper deals with the sampling of coal after it has been mined" (p. 5). This paper includes illustrations.
Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States
From foreword: "This report represents the most current methodology available for wetland classification and culminates a long-term effort involving many wetland scientists."