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Primary view of Geographical Variation in the Heating and Cooling Requirements of a Typical Single-Family House, and Correlation of These Requirements to Degree Days
Arens, Edward A. & Carroll, William L.
November 1978
Primary view of On-Site Calibration of Flow Metering Systems Installed in Buildings
Baker, David W. & Hurley, C. Warren
January 1984
Primary view of Directional Extreme Wind Speed Data for the Design of Buildings and Other Structures
Changery, Michael J.; Dumitriu-Valcea, Eugene J. & Simiu, Emil
March 1984
Primary view of The Development and Evaluation of Effective Symbol Signs
Collins, Belinda Lowenhaupt
May 1982
Primary view of Errata Sheet Number 1 for National Bureau of Standards Building Science Series 144, September 1983
Crenshaw, Richard & Clark, Roy E.
January 19, 1983
Primary view of Computer Modeling of the Vapor Compression Cycle with Constant Flow Area Expansion Device
Domanski, Piotr & Didion, David A.
May 1983
Primary view of Analytical and Experimental Analysis of Procedures for Testing Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems
Fanney, A. H.; Thomas, W. C.; Scarbrough, C. A. & Terlizzi, C. P.
February 1982
Primary view of Evaluation of Construction Loads in Multistory Concrete Buildings
Fattal, S. G.
February 1983
Primary view of A Daylighting Model for Building Energy Simulation
Gillette, Gary
March 1983
Primary view of An Evaluation of Thermal Energy Conservation Schemes for an Experimental Masonry Building
Gujral, Parambir S.; Clark, Raymond J. & Burch, Douglas M.
July 1982
Primary view of Organization of Building Standards Systematic Techniques for Scope and Arrangement
Harris, James Robert & Wright, Richard Newport
September 1981
Primary view of Performance of the Norris Cotton Federal Office Building for the First 3 Years of Operation
Hill, James Edward; May, William B., Jr.; Richtmyer, Thomas E.; Elder, Jacqueline; Tibbott, Robert L.; Yonemura, Gary T. et al.
August 1981
Primary view of Calibration of Temperature Measurement Systems Installed in Buildings
Hurley, C. Warren & Schooley, James F.
January 1984
Primary view of General Guidelines for the On-Site Calibration of Humidity and Moisture Control Systems in Buildings
Hyland, Richard W. & Hurley, C. Warren
September 1983
Primary view of Low-Voltage Room Thermostat Performance
Kao, James Y.; Sushinsky, George; Didion, David A.; Mastascusa, E. J. & Chi, Joseph
April 1983
Primary view of Potential Energy Savings in Residential Oil-Fired Heating Systems in the United States
Kelly, George E.; Didion, David A.; Quigley, D. & Collins, B.
December 1984
Primary view of Energy Measurement in the Standard Penetration Test
Kovacs, William D.; Salomone, Lawrence A. & Yokel, Felix Y.
August 1981
Primary view of Annual Variation of Temperature Field and Heat Transfer Under Heated Ground Surfaces (Slab-on-Grade Floor Heat Loss Calculation)
Kusuda, Tamami; Piet, O. & Bean, J. W.
June 1983
Primary view of Investigation of Construction Failure of Harbour Cay Condominium in Cocoa Beach, Florida
Lew, H. S.; Carino, N. J.; Fattal, S. G. & Batts, M. E.
August 1982
Primary view of Investigation of Construction Failure of Reinforced Concrete Cooling Tower at Willow Island, West Virginia
Lew, H. S.; Fattal, S. G.; Shaver, J. R.; Reinhold, T. A. & Hunt, B. J.
September 1982
Primary view of Investigation of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Walkways Collapse
Marhsall, Richard D.; Pfrang, E. O.; Leyendecker, Edgar V.; Woodward, K. A.; Reed, R. P.; Kasen, M. B. et al.
May 1982
Primary view of Determining Cost-Effective Insulation Levels for Masonry and Wood-Frame Walls in New Single-Family Housing
Petersen, Stephen R.; Barnes, Kimberly A. & Peavy, Bradley A.
August 1981
Primary view of Wind Loading and Strength of Cladding Glass
Reed, Dorothy A. & Simiu, Emil
May 1983
Primary view of Life-Cycle Costing: A Guide for Selecting Energy Conservation Projects for Public Buildings
Ruegg, Rosalie T.; McConnaughey, John S.; Sav, G. Thomas & Hockenbery, Kimberly A.
September 1978