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Primary view of Solution of the initial value problem for the linearized multi-velocity transport equation with a slab geometry
Pimbley, George Herbert, {}
Primary view of The Application of Pulsed Neutron Sources to Criticality Measurements
Passell, Lawrence; Bengston, Joel. & Blair, Donald C.
January 30, 1957
Primary view of The nuclear spins, hyperfine structure separations, and magnetic moments of Cs¹²⁷, Cs¹²⁹, Cs¹³⁰, and Cs¹³²
Shugart, Howard Alan, {}
Primary view of Aqueous Corrosion of Uranium Fuel-Element Cores Containing 0 to 20 w/o Zirconium
Grieser, Daniel R. & Simons, Eugene M.
January 7, 1957
Primary view of Transformations in uranium-base alloys : summary report, December 14, 1955 - March 31, 1957
Parry, Sidney J. S.; Holtz, F. C. & Van Thyne, R. J.
Primary view of Bibliography
Frost, Frederick E.
April 30, 1957
Primary view of Bevatron Power Supply : Operating and Maintenance Problems
Harding, J. Gordon
August 12, 1957
Primary view of Beehive and Hornet : Reactor Codes for Spherical Geometry
Stone, Stuart P.
February 8, 1957
Primary view of Beta-Spectra of the Mirror Nuclei with A = 19 to 39 (Thesis)
Welch, Jasper A.
August 2, 1957
Primary view of Beryllium-oxide : [bibliography]
Cason, Maggie
March 22, 1957
Primary view of Characterization of Inclusion in Dingot Uranium
Cheney, Donald M. & Dickerson, Ronald F.
January 11, 1957
Primary view of Design and economic study of hot off-gas storage system
Johnson, C. S. & Carter, T. J.
December 20, 1957
Primary view of Cyclotron resonance absorption by a hydrogen plasma
Chambers, Edmund S.
August 30, 1957
Primary view of Booby Traps : Pittsburgh Meeting of the American Nuclear Society, June 12, 1957
Paxton, Hugh Campbell.
June 12, 1957
Primary view of Carbide coatings on graphite
Blocher, J. M., {}; Ish, Carl J.; Leiter, Don P.; Plock, Layne F. & Campbell, Ivor E.
Primary view of The Cladding of Delta-Phase Zirconium Hydride
Paprocki, Stan J.; Hodge, Edwin S. & Boyer, Charles B.
December 27, 1957
Primary view of A study of the interaction of positive K mesons
Lannutti, J. E.
May 15, 1957
Primary view of Corrosion of 2-S Aluminum in Potassium Tetraborate Solution
Miller, N. R.
Primary view of Uranium Occurrences of Gila County, Arizona
Schwartz, Roland J.
October 1957
Primary view of Ore Occurrence Study, Mesa 4-1/2 Mines, Lukachukai Mountains, Apache County, Arizona
Beam, Thomas E.
March 14, 1957
Primary view of Drilling in the Monument Valley Area, San Juan County, Utah and Navajo County, Arizona
Presley, C. K.
June 7, 1957
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Uranium in the Southern Carrizo Mountains, Apache County, Arizona
Labrecque, Ronald A.
February 20, 1957
Primary view of Investigation of Uranium Mineralization of the Liba Number 2 and Liba Number 17 Claims Near Cameron, Coconino County, Arizona
Gray, Irving B.
January 14, 1957
Primary view of Summary Report: AEC Reference Fuel-Processing Plant
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
October 1957