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Preliminary Study of the Uranium Potential of Tertiary Rock in the Central San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Description: Three formations in the Tertiary of the San Juan Basin were investigated for their uranium favorability. They are the Ojo Alamo Sandstone, the Nacimiento Formation, and the San Jose Formation. The study comprised a literature survey and a basin analysis, which consisted of subsurface lithofacies, stratigraphic, and radiometric mapping. Field work in preparation for the subsurface analysis consisted of examination of outcrop and measured sections, surface radiometric traverses, and checking of reported surface radioactive anomalies.
Date: December 1977
Creator: Vizcaino, H. P. & O'Neill, A. J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Uranium Hydrogeochemical and Stream Sediment Pilot Survey of the Estancia Valley, Bernalillo, Santa Fe, San Miguel, and Torrance Counties, New Mexico: Part 1. Text and Data Listings

Description: As part of the LASL portion of the US EROA NURE program, water samples from 534 locations and sediment samples from 2936 locations were taken over a 7770 square kilometers area of the Estancia Valley in 1975 and analyzed for uranium.
Date: January 1977
Creator: Olsen, Clayton Edward
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Preliminary Study of Favorability for Uranium of the Sangre de Cristo Formation in the Las Vegas Basin, Northeastern New Mexico

Description: This report presents the results of a preliminary study of the uranium favorability of the Sangre de Cristo Formation (Pennsylvanian-Permian) in the Las Vegas basin, northeastern New Mexico. Because known uranium deposits are confined mainly to the Sangre de Cristo, the following discussions are limited to this formation. The study focuses on sedimentologic and stratigraphic characteristics relevant to uranium deposition. The investigation was conducted by Bendix Field Engineering Corporation (BFEC) on behalf of the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA).
Date: December 1977
Creator: May, R. T.; Strand, J. R.; Reid, R. E. & Phillips, W. R.
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Uranium Deposits of the Grants, New Mexico Mineral Belt (2)

Description: From preface: The report which follows is the second phase of a DOE contract designed to address various aspects of the genesis of the uranium deposits of the Grants mineral.belt. Many of the problems outlined in Phase 1 of this study (Brookins, 1976a) have been answered, others have been raised.
Date: July 1979
Creator: Brookins, Douglas Gridley
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NURE Aerial Gamma Ray and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, Final Report: Volume 1, Instrumentation and Data Reduction

Description: From abstract: As part of the Department of Energy (DOE) National Uranium Resource Evaluation Program, a rotary-wing high sensitivity radiometric and magnetic survey was flown covering portions of the State of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. The survey encompassed six 1:250,000 scale quadrangles, Holbrook, El Paso, Las Cruces, Carlsbad, Fort Sumner and Roswell.
Date: September 1981
Creator: Carson Helicopters, Inc.
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Geology of the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico

Description: From introduction: The present investigation is an attempt, by means of detailed areal mapping, to resolve the relations of the shelf-rock units to one another and to the reef and basin rocks and to clarify the confusing stratigraphic nomenclature.
Date: 1964
Creator: Hayes, Philip Thayer
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Geologic Studies, Project Gnome, Eddy County, New Mexico

Description: From abstract: For Project Gnome, part of the Plowshare Program to develop peaceful uses for nuclear energy, a nuclear device was detonated December 10, 1961, underground in rack salt of the Permian Salado Formation southeast of Carlsbad, New Mexico. The Geological Survey's investigations on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission provided basic geologic and geophysical information needed to define preshot and postshot geologic and hydrologic conditions at and near the site. This report describes the geology of the site, some physical and chemical properties of the rocks, and the known effects of the nuclear detonation on the rocks of the site.
Date: 1968
Creator: Gard, Leonard Meade, Jr.
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