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Primary view of Thermal Conductivity of Solids At Room Temperature and Below: A Review and Compilation of the Literature
Childs, Gregg E.; Ericks, Lewis J. & Powell, Robert L.
September 1973
Primary view of Tables of Chemical Kinetics : Homogeneous Reactions (Supplementary Tables)
United States. Bureau of Standards.
July 1, 1964
Primary view of The Particulate State of Fission Products Released From Irradiated Uranium When Heated in Air: [Part ]1. Preliminary Results for I131, Te132, and Ru103
Gallimore, John C. & Mercer, T. T.
June 1963
Primary view of The Tissue Distribution and Excretion of Cesium-137 Following Inhalation: Preliminary Data for Rats
Stara, J. F. & Thomas, R. G.
April 1963
Primary view of A Survey of Prompt-Neutron Lifetimes in Fast Critical Systems
Brunson, G. S.; Curran, R. N.; Gasidlo, J. M. & Huber, R. J.
August 1963
Primary view of BOLOVAC Systems for Measuring Electrical Quantities From 0.5 MHz Through Microwaves
Selby, Myron C.
January 1972
Primary view of Transport of Relatively Insoluble Materials From Lung to Lymph Nodes
Thomas, R. G. & Lie, R.
January 1965
Primary view of Thermodynamic and Related Properties of Parahydrogen From the Triple Point to 100 K at Pressures to 340 Atmospheres
Roder, H. M.; Weber, L. A. & Goodwin, R. D.
August 10, 1965
Primary view of Norfolk-Peninsula Area (ARMS-II)
Guillou, R. B
December 6, 1961
Primary view of Testing of Containment Capabilities of Reinforced Concrete-Shielded Enclosures
Fistedis, S. H.; Heineman, A. H. & Janicke, M. J.
March 1963
Primary view of Tables of Chemical Kinetics : Homogeneous Reactions (Supplementary Tables)
United States. Bureau of Standards.
September 15, 1961
Primary view of An Ultrasonic Measurement System for The Precise Determination of the Elastic Moduli of Single Crystals
Renken, C. J.
May 1961
Primary view of Semi-Empirical Method of Calculating the Energy-Absorption Build-up Factor with an Application to a Uniformly Contaminated Space Having Spherical Boundaries
O'Brien, Keran; Lowder, Wayne M. & Solon, Leonard R.
October 14, 1957
Primary view of Proceedings of the AMU-ANL Summer Study Program
Pearson, C. V.
November 1962
Primary view of U.S. Participation in the OEEC Halden Reactor Project May 1959 to September 1960
Fromm, Leonard W., Jr.
December 1960
Primary view of Tables of Einstein Functions: Vibrational Contributions to the Thermodynamic Functions
Hilsenrath, Joseph & Ziegler, Guy G.
July 12, 1962
Primary view of Tables of Electron Radial Functions and Tangents of Phase Shifts for Light Nuclei (Z=1 through 10)
Bhalla, C. P.
August 6, 1964
Primary view of NBS Papers on Underground Corrosion of Steel Piling, 1962-1971
Schwerdtfeger, W. J & Romanoff, Melvin
March 1972
Primary view of On The Steady-State Thermal Stresses in Cylindrical Fuel Pins Due to Axial Variations in Their Internal Heat-Generation Rate
Valentin, Richard A.
December 1966
Primary view of XLIBIT: ANL Cross-section Library Code
Sparck, S. D.
February 1966
Primary view of Two-Phase Heat Transfer With Gas Injection Through A Porous Boundary Surface
Kudirka, A. A.
March 1964
Primary view of Microwave Spectral Tables: [Volume 1.] Diatomic Molecules
Wacker, Paul F.; Mizushima, Masataka; Peterson, Jean D. & Ballard, Joe R.
December 1, 1964
Primary view of Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials at Low Temperatures: A Compilation From the Literature
McClintock, R. Michael & Gibbons, Hugh P.
June 1, 1960
Primary view of Microwave Spectral Tables: [Volume 2.] Line Strengths of Asymmetric Rotors
Wacker, Paul F. & Pratto, Marlene R.
December 15, 1964