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Primary view of Corrosion Rates On Underground Steel Test Piles at Turcot Yard, Montreal, Canada - Part 1
Schwerdtfeger, W. J & Romanoff, Melvin
July 1972
Primary view of Effect of Exposure Site on Weather Resistance of Porcelain Enamels Exposed for Three Years
Moore, Dwight G. & Potter, Alan
April 10, 1962
Primary view of A System for the Automatic Computation of Disintegration Rates From Radiochemical Data
Collins, William R., Jr.
May 27, 1959
Primary view of Ideal Gas Thermodynamic Functions and Isotope Exchange Functions for the Diatomic Hydrides, Deuterides, and Tritides
Haar, Lester; Friedman, Abraham S. & Beckett, Charles W.
May 29, 1961
Primary view of The Scattering of Thermal Radiation Into Open Underground Shelters
Davis, T. P.; Miller, N. D.; Ely, T. S.; Basso, J. A. & Pearse, H. E.
May 1959
Primary view of CRPL Exponential Reference Atmosphere
Bean, B. R. & Thayer, G. D.
October 29, 1959
Primary view of Experimental Transition Probabilities for Spectral Lines of Seventy Elements: Derived from the NBS Tables of Spectral-line Intensities
Corliss, Charles H. & Bozman, William R.
July 20, 1962
Primary view of Symposium on Occupational Health Experience and Practices in the Uranium Industry
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Division of Biology and Medicine.
September 1959
Primary view of Microwave Spectral Tables: Volume 5. Spectral Line Listing
Cord, Marian S.; Lojko, Matthew S. & Petersen, Jean D.
June 1968
Primary view of Microwave Spectral Tables: Volume 4. Polyatomic Molecules Without Internal Rotation
Cord, Marian S.; Petersen, Jean D.; Lojko, Matthew S. & Haas, Rudolph H.
June 1968
Primary view of The Mass Transfer of Single, Solid Uranium Spheres to Flowing Molten Cadmium in Laminar and Turbulent Flow
Traylor, E. Dean
September 1965
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report Experimental Breeder Reactor II (EBR-II)
Koch, L. J.; Monson, H. O.; Okrent, D.; Levenson, M.; Simmons, W. R.; Humphreys, J. R. et al.
May 1957
Primary view of The Radiological Assessment and Recovery of Contaminated Areas
Miller, Carl F.
March 1958
Primary view of Operational Safety Evaluation of Remote Reactor Plants
Rizzo, Alfred J.; Weinstein, Martin S.; McLaughlin, James E. & Johnson, Wesley M.
December 1964
Primary view of Stabilization of Free Radicals at Low Temperatures: Summary of the NBS Program
Bass, Arnold M. & Broida, H. P.
August 1, 1960
Primary view of A Liquid-Metal Heat-Transfer Experiment
Holtz, R. E.
June 1965
Primary view of Nuclear Safety in Manufacturing Plants
McLaughlin, James E.
November 3, 1959
Primary view of Tables of Spectral-Line Intensities: Part 1, Arranged by Elements
Meggers, William F.; Corliss, Charles H. & Scribner, Bourdon F.
December 29, 1961
Primary view of Summary of Available Data on the Strontium 90 Content of Foods and of Total Diets in the United States
Harley, John H. & Rivera, Joseph
August 18, 1960
Primary view of Pictorial Studies of Molecules 1: Molecular Orbital Density Comparisons of H2, Li2, B2, C2, N2, O2, and F2
Wahl, Arnold C.
July 1965
Primary view of Transistorization of Nuclear Counting Circuits
Graveson, R. T. & Sadowski, H.
August 19, 1957
Primary view of A Report on Some Attempts to Case Centrifugally Fuel Elements of Small Diameter
Yaggee, F. L.
March 1961
Primary view of Strontium Program: Quarterly Summary Report, February 24, 1959
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
February 24, 1959
Primary view of Strontium Program: Quarterly Summary Report, October 1, 1959
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
October 1, 1959