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Primary view of Fighting a Fire in Number 59 Mine, Peabody Coal Company, Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois
O'Connor, J. A.; Malesky, J. S. & Higgins, T. C.
April 1950
Primary view of First Organization and Work of the Coal-Mine Inspection Division, Bureau of Mines
United States. Bureau of Mines.
June 1943
Primary view of Developments in Waterflooding and Pressure Maintenance in Osage County, Oklahoma Oilfields, 1961
Johnston, Kenneth H. & Castagno, Joe L.
Primary view of Mechanical Mining in Some Bituminous-Coal Mines: Progress Report 6. Extraction of Pillars with Mechanized Equipment
Haley, Wilbur A.; Shields, Joseph J.; Toenges, Albert L. & Turnbull, Louis A.
April 1952
Primary view of Method and Cost of Dredging Sand and Gravel by the Ohio River Sand Co., Louisville, Kentucky
Duffy, J. Hamilton
January 1931
Primary view of Methods and Costs of Mining and Preparing Sand and Gravel at the Plant of the Ward Sand and Gravel Co., Oxford, Michigan
Ward, Frederick L.
January 1932
Primary view of Methods and Costs of Mining Lignite in North Dakota
Van Sant, Joel N. & Ellman, R. C.
Primary view of Methods and Costs of Stripping and Mining at the United Verde Open-Pit Mine, Jerome, Arizona
Alenius, E. M. J.
February 1930
Primary view of Methods and Operations at the Kaiser Steel Corporation Eagle Mountain Iron Mine, Riverside County, California
Trengove, Russel R.
February 1956
Primary view of Microfilming Maps of Abandoned Anthracite Mines: Mines in the Wyoming Basin, Northern Anthracite Field
Eaton, W. L. & Gait, G. B.
June 1968
Primary view of Mineral Industries Survey of the United States: California, Kern County, Mojave District: The Golden Queen and other Mines of the Mojave District, California
Julihn, C. E. & Horton, F. W.
January 1937
Primary view of Marketing Mineral Pigments
Harness, Charles L.
August 1942
Primary view of Summary of Meteorological Data Taken at Argonne National Laboratory, Du Page County, Illinois, July 1952 Through June 1953
Argonne National Laboratory
April 1954
Primary view of Life-Cycle Costing: A Guide for Selecting Energy Conservation Projects for Public Buildings
Ruegg, Rosalie T.; McConnaughey, John S.; Sav, G. Thomas & Hockenbery, Kimberly A.
September 1978
Primary view of Geographical Variation in the Heating and Cooling Requirements of a Typical Single-Family House, and Correlation of These Requirements to Degree Days
Arens, Edward A. & Carroll, William L.
November 1978
Primary view of Contributions to the Data on Theoretical Metallurgy: [Part] 15. A Reprint of Bulletins 383, 384, 393, and 406
Kelley, K. K.
Primary view of Oil-Shale: An Historical, Technical, and Economic Study
Gavin, Martin J.
July 1922
Primary view of Comparison of American, British, and German Standards for Metal Fits
Fullmer, Irvin H.
Primary view of The Coal Industry of Brazil: Part 2. Technology of Mining and Preparation
Good, John E.; Abreu, Alvaro & Fraser, Thomas
Primary view of The Coal Industry of Brazil: Part 1. General Economy, Production, and Marketing
Good, John E.; Abreu, Alvaro & Fraser, Thomas
Primary view of Analyses of Alaska Coals
Gates, George O. & Fieldner, Arno Carl
Primary view of Cold-Mold Arc Melting and Casting
Beall, R. A.; Caputo, F.; Hayes, E. T.; Asai, G.; Roberson, A. H.; Clites, P. G. et al.
Primary view of Collecting and Examining Subsurface Samples of Petroleum
Grandone, Peter & Cook, Alton B.
Primary view of Ball-Mill Grinding
Coghill, Will H. & DeVaney, Fred D.