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Primary view of Amplitude-Probability Distributions for Atmospheric Radio Noise
Chrichlow, W. Q.; Spaulding, A. D.; Roubique, C. J. & Disney, R. T.
November 4, 1960
Primary view of Methods for the Dynamic Calibration of Pressure Transducers
Schweppe, J. L.; Eichberger, L. C.; Muster, D. F.; Michaels, E. L. & Paskusz, G. F.
December 12, 1963
Primary view of Creep and Drying Shrinkage of Lightweight and Normal-Weight Concretes
Reichard, T. W.
March 4, 1964
Primary view of A Practical Approach to Availability and Irreversibility
Hoglund, Barton M.
June 1963
Primary view of Determination of Total X-Ray Beam Energy With a Calibrated Ionization Chamber
Pruitt, John S. & Domen, Steve R.
June 5, 1962
Primary view of Development of High-Temperature Strain Gages
Pitts, J. W. & Moore, D. G.
March 17, 1961
Primary view of Corrosion of Steel Pilings in Soils
Romanoff, Melvin
October 24, 1962
Primary view of Effects of Thermal Shrinkage on Built-up Roofing
Cullen, William C.
March 4, 1965
Primary view of Calibration Procedures for Direct-Current Resistance Apparatus
Brooks, Paul P. B.
March 1, 1962
Primary view of Basic Magnetic Quantities and the Measurement of the Magnetic Properties of Materials
Sanford, Raymond L. & Cooter, Irvine L.
May 21, 1962
Primary view of Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: March 1, 1963 - June 1, 1963
Hardy, Edward P., Jr.; Rivera, Joseph & Collins, William R., Jr.
July 1, 1963
Primary view of The Boundary Effect on Gamma-Ray Transport From a Point Source
O'Brien, Keran & McLaughlin, James E.
January 1965
Primary view of Arguello Area (ARMS-II)
Guillou, R. B.
May 1965
Primary view of HASL Contributions to the Study of Fallout in Food Chains
Rivera, Joseph & Harley, John M.
July 1, 1964
Primary view of Ground Roughness Effects on the Energy and Angular Distribution of Gamma Radiation From Fallout
Huddleston, C. M.; Burson, Z. G.; Kinkaid, R. M. & Klingler, Q. G.
December 1963
Primary view of Barrier Attenuation of Air-Scattered Gamma Radiation
Burson, Z. G. & Summers, R. L.
December 1964
Primary view of Mechanical Behavior of Crystalline Solids: Proceedings of a Symposium, April 28-29, 1962
United States. Bureau of Standards.
March 25, 1963
Primary view of Strontium Program: Quarterly Summary Report, January 1, 1960
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
January 1, 1960
Primary view of Preliminary Data on Fallout From the Fall 1961 USSR Test Series: Staff Report
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Health and Safety Laboratory.
February 27, 1962
Primary view of The Solar Spectrum 2935 Å to 8770 Å :  Second Revision of Rowland's Preliminary Table of Solar Spectrum Wavelengths
Moore, Charlotte E.; Minnaert, M. G. J. & Houtgast J.
December 1966
Primary view of Interim Report: Faret Experimental Program
Smaardyk, A.; Bump, T. R.; Handwerk, J. & Handwerk, J.
April 1963
Primary view of Line Parameters and Computed Spectra for Water Vapor Bands at 2.7 mu
Gates, David M.; Calfee, Robert F.; Hansen, David W. & Benedict, W. S.
August 3, 1964
Primary view of Microwave Spectral Tables: Volume 3. Polyatomic Molecules With Internal Rotation
Wacker, Paul F.; Cord, Marian S.; Burkhard, Donald G.; Petersen, Jean D. & Kukol, Raymond F.
June 1969
Primary view of Effect of Exposure Site on Weather Resistance of Porcelain Enamels Exposed for Three Years
Moore, Dwight G. & Potter, Alan
April 10, 1962