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Primary view of Casting and Fabrication of Core Material For Argonne Low Power Reactor Fuel Elements
Salley, R. L. & Burt, W. R., Jr.
December 1959
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report on the Experimental Boiling Water Reactor (EBWR)
West, J. M.; Dietrich, J. R.; Jameson, A. S.; Anderson, G. A.; Harrer, J. M. & Brush, H. F.
Primary view of Hazards Summary Report on the Oxide Critical Experiments
Redman, W. C.; Thie, J. A. & Dates, L. R.
April 1957
Primary view of The Fabrication of Certain Jacketed Uranium Helices
Yaggee, F. L.
May 1957
Primary view of A General Method for Comparing Thermal Performance of Fuel Element Geometries and Coolants for Non-Boiling Reactors
Freund, G. A. & London, A. L.
January 1957
Primary view of Design and Performance Characteristics of Magnetic Jack-Type Control Rod Drive
Young, Joseph N.
December 1957
Primary view of Hazards Evaluation Report Associated With the Operation of EBWR at 100 MW
Wimunc, E. A. & Harrer, J. M.
December 1959
Primary view of Advanced Designs of Magnetic Jack-Type Control Rod Drive
Young, Joseph N.
November 1959
Primary view of Experimental Evaluation of the Radiation Protection Afforded By Residential Structures Against Distributed Sources
Auxier, J. A. (John A.), 1925-; Buchanan, J. O.; Eisenhauer, C. & Menker, H. E.
September 1958
Primary view of Beta and Gamma Dose Rates From Terrestrially Distributed Sources
O'Brien, Keran; Lowder, Wayne M. & Solon, Leonard R.
October 28, 1957
Primary view of Environmental Contamination from Weapon Tests
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Health and Safety Laboratory.
October 1958
Primary view of External Environmental Radiation Measurements in the United States
Solon, Leonard R.; Lowder, Wayne M.; Zila, Albert; LeVine, H. D.; Blatz, Hanson & Eisenbud, Merril
March 11, 1958
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report on the Argonne Low Power Reactor (ALPR)
Argonne National Laboratory. Reactor Engineering Division.
November 1958
Primary view of Manufacture of Fuel Plates for the Experimental Boiling Water Reactor
Macherey, R. E.; Bean, C. H.; Carson, N. J., Jr. & Lindgren, J. R.
June 1957
Primary view of Preservation of Documents by Lamination
Wilson, William K. & Forshee, B. W.
October 30, 1959
Primary view of Resistance of Materials to Attack by Liquid Metals
Kelman, LeRoy R.; Wilkinson, Walter D. & Yaggee, Frank L.
July 1950
Primary view of Health Protection in Beryllium Facilities Summary of Ten Years of Experience
Breslin, A. J. & Harris, W. B.
May 1, 1958
Primary view of A Shielded Metallograph for Remote Metallography
Brown, F. L.; Haaker, L. W.; Paine, S. H. & Blomgren, R. A.
October 1957
Primary view of Summary Report on the Hazards of the Argonaut Reactor
Lennox, D. H. & Kelber, C. N.
December 1956
Primary view of Preliminary Design Requirements Argonne Boiling Reactor (ARBOR) Facility
Fromm, L. W.; Bernsen, S. A.; Bullinger, C. F. & Matousek, J. F.
July 15, 1957
Primary view of Initial Testing and Operation of the Argonne Low Power Reactor (ALPR)
Hamer, Eberhard E.
December 1959
Primary view of Neutron Scattering Angular Distribution
Langsdorf, A, Jr.; Lane, R. O. & Monahan, J. E.
June 1956
Primary view of Terminal Report on the Mighty Mouse High-Flux Research Reactor Project
Link, L. E.; Armstrong, R. H.; Cameron, T. C.; Dickson, R. F.; Heineman, J. B.; Kelber, C. N. et al.
September 1959
Primary view of Further Investigations of Natural Environmental Radiation
Solon, Leonard R.; Lowder, Wayne M.; Shambon, Arthur & Blatz, Hanson
November 3, 1959