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Primary view of Analysis of the High-Altitude Cooling of the Ranger SGV-770 D-4 Engine in the Bell XP-77 Airplane
Nielsen, Jack N. & Schumacher, Lloyd E.
October 1943
Primary view of Annual Report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (42nd), Administrative Report without Technical Reports
unknown creator
October 17, 1956
Primary view of Turbine Engines for High-Speed Flight
Henneberry, H. M. & Zimmerman, A. V.
January 1, 1958
Primary view of AVA monographs.  B:  Boundary layer
Holstein, H.; Bete, A. & Tollmein, W.
April 1, 1948
Primary view of NACA conference on Aerodynamic Problems of Transonic Airplane Design
unknown creator
January 1, 1947
Primary view of High-altitude cooling. III : Radiators
Nielsen, Jack Norman
September 1, 1944
Primary view of Tests of a heated low-drag airfoil
Frick, C. W., Jr. & Mccullough, G. B.
December 1, 1942
Primary view of N.A.C.A. control position recorder
Norton, F. H.
May 1922
Primary view of Investigation of Wingless Missile Configurations with Folding Controls and Low-Aspect-Ratio Stabilizing Surfaces
Lazzeroni, Frank A.
September 17, 1958
Primary view of A method for calculating the lift and center of pressure of wing-body-tail combinations at subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds
Nielsen, Jack Norman; Kaattari, George E. & Anastasio, Robert F.
November 12, 1953
Primary view of Method for estimating pitching-moment interference of wing-body combinations at supersonic speed
Kaattari, George E.; Nielsen, Jack Norman & Pitts, William C.
April 17, 1952
Primary view of Preliminary Results from Free-Jet Tests of a 48-Inch-Diameter Ram-Jet Combustor with an Annular-Piloted Baffle-Type Flameholder
Rayle, W. D.; Smith, I. D. & Wentworth, C. B.
May 11, 1955
Primary view of Preliminary Data on Rain Deflection from Aircraft Windshields by Means of High-Velocity Jet-Air Blast
Ruggeri, Robert S.
July 25, 1955
Primary view of Flight Instrument for Measurement of Liquid-Water Content in Clouds at Temperatures Above and Below Freezing
Perkins, Porter J.
March 5, 1951
Primary view of Impingement of Water Droplets on an NACA 65(sub 1) -212 Airfoil at an Angle of Attack of 4 Deg
Brun, Rinaldo J.; Serafini, John S. & Moshos, George J.
September 10, 1952
Primary view of Investigation of Porous Gas-Heated Leading-Edge Section for Icing Protection of a Delta Wing
Bowden, Dean T.
January 19, 1955
Primary view of Investigation of Power Requirements for Ice Prevention and Cyclical De-Icing of Inlet Guide Vanes with Internal Electric Heaters
VonGlahn, Uwe & Blatz, Robert E.
December 1, 1950
Primary view of Tracking Performance of a Swept-wing Fighter With a Directortype Radar Fire-control System and Scope Presentation
Heinle, D. R.; Rathert, G. A. & Turner, H. L.
January 20, 1958
Primary view of Transonic wind tunnel tests of the launch, jettison, and longitudinal characteristics of an airplane and missile model combination
Cleary, J. W.; Dewey, C. F., Jr. & Frank, J. L.
November 20, 1957
Primary view of Wind-tunnel Investigation at Subsonic and Supersonic Speeds of a Model of a Tailless Fighter Airplane Employing a Low-aspect-ratio Swept-back Wing-stability and Control
Smith, W. G.
January 12, 1953
Primary view of Wind-tunnel investigation of a 1/6-scale model of the Bumblebee XPM missile at high subsonic speeds
Nelson, W. H.
December 11, 1950
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of a 1/60-Scale Model of the Republic MX-1554 Airplane at a Mach Number of 2.85
Dickey, R. R. & Spahr, J. R.
March 18, 1953
Primary view of A wind tunnel investigation of several wingless missile configurations at supersonic speeds
Reese, D. E., Jr.
February 3, 1958
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a 0.07-Scale Model of the North American MX-770 Missile
Pfyl, F. A.
May 7, 1952