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Primary view of Applications of Waveguide and Circuit Theory to the Development of Accurate Microwave Measurement Methods and Standards
Beatty, R. W.
August 1973
Primary view of Conductive Flooring for Hospital Operating Rooms
Boone, Thomas H.; Hermach, Francis L.; MacArthur, Edgar H. & McAuliff, Rita C.
March 21, 1960
Primary view of Colorimetry
Nimeroff, I.
January 1968
Primary view of Acceleration Due to Gravity at the National Bureau of Standards
Tate, Douglas Roy
June 1968
Primary view of Capacities of Stacks in Sanitary Drainage Systems for Buildings
Wyly, Robert S. & Eaton, Herbert N.
July 3, 1961
Primary view of The 1958 He4 Scale of Temperatures: Part 1. Introduction, Part 2. Tables for the 1958 Temperature Scale
Brickwedde, F. G. (Ferdinand Graft), 1903-; van Dijk, H.; Durieux, M.; Clement, J. R. & Logan, J. K.
June 17, 1960
Primary view of Acid-Base Behavior in Aprotic Organica Solvents
Davis, Marion Maclean
August 1968
Primary view of Effect of Mortar Properties on Strength of Masonry
Fishburn, Cyrus C.
November 20, 1961
Primary view of Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel
Digges, Thomas G. & Rosenberg, Samuel J.
October 3, 1960
Primary view of Sound Insulation of Wall, Floor, and Door Constructions
Berendt, Raymond D. & Winzer, George E.
November 30, 1964
Primary view of A Table of Radiation Characteristics for Uniformly Spaced Optimum Endfire Arrays with Equal Sidelobes
Ma, M. T. & Hyovalti, D. C.
December 10, 1965
Primary view of Preservation of Documents by Lamination
Wilson, William K. & Forshee, B. W.
October 30, 1959
Primary view of Project FIST: Fault Isolation by Semi-automatic Techniques
Shapiro, Gustave; Laug, Owen B. Rogers, George J. & Fulcomer, P. Michael, Jr.
September 17, 1964
Primary view of Trace Characterization: Chemical and Physical
Meinke, W. Wayne & Scribner, Bourdon F.
April 28, 1967
Primary view of Time and Frequency: Theory and Fundamentals
Blair, Byron E.
May 1974
Primary view of Thermocouple Reference Tables Based on the IPTS-68
Powell, Robert L.; Hall, William J.; Hyink, Clyde H., Jr.; Sparks, Larry L.; Burns, George W.; Scroger, Margaret G. et al.
March 1974
Primary view of Thermocouple Materials
Caldwell, F. R.
March 1, 1962
Primary view of Realistic Uncertainties and the Mass Measurement Process: An Illustrated Review
Pontius, P. E. & Cameron, J. M.
August 15, 1967
Primary view of The Mechanics of Pneumatic Tires
Clark, Samuel K.
November 1971
Primary view of Low Temperature Mechanical Properties Of Copper and Selected Copper Alloys: A Compilation From the Literature
Reed, Richard P. & Mikesell, Ritchie P.
December 1, 1967
Primary view of Hearing Aids
Corliss, Edith L. R.
October 1970
Primary view of An Engineering Method for Calculating Protection Afforded by Structures Against Fallout Radiation
Eisenhauer, Charles
July 2, 1964
Primary view of Fire Tests of Precast Cellular Concrete Floors and Roofs
Ryan, J. V. & Bender, E. W.
April 12, 1962
Primary view of Automatic Typographic-Quality Typesetting Techniques: A State-of-the-Art Review
Stevens, Mary Elizabeth & Little, John L.
April 7, 1967