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Primary view of N.A.C.A. control position recorder
Norton, F. H.
May 1922
Primary view of The factors that determine the minimum speed of an airplane
Norton, F. H.
March 1, 1921
Primary view of The testing of aviation engines
Dubois, R N
December 1, 1924
Primary view of Methods of analyzing wind-tunnel data for dynamic flight conditions
Donlan, C. J. & Recant, I. G.
January 1, 1976
Primary view of An approximate spin design criterion for monoplanes, 1 May 1939
Seidman, O. & Donlan, C. J.
January 1, 1976
Primary view of Boundary-layer Displacement Effects in Air at Mach Numbers of 6.8 and 9.6
Bertram, M. H.
January 1, 1959
Primary view of Soaring flight in Guinea
Idrac, P.
August 1, 1920
Primary view of Analytical Investigation of Icing Limit for Diamond-Shaped Airfoil in Transonic and Supersonic Flow
Callaghan, Edmund E. & Serafini, John S.
January 1, 1953
Primary view of Determination of Shapes of Boattail Bodies of Revolution for Minimum Wave Drag
Adams, Mac C.
November 1, 1951
Primary view of The determination of the effective resistance of a spindle supporting a model airfoil
Davidson, W E & Bacon, D L
January 1, 1921
Primary view of Determination of the lift and drag characteristics of an airplane in flight
Green, Maurice W
August 1, 1925
Primary view of Experimental study of the effects of finite surface disturbances and angle of attack on the laminar boundary layer of an NACA 64A010 airfoil with area suction
Schwartzberg, M. A. & Braslow, A. L.
October 1, 1952
Primary view of Empirical relation between induced velocity, thrust, and rate of descent of a helicopter rotor as determined by wind-tunnel tests on four model rotors
Castles, Walter, Jr. & Gray, Robin B.
October 1, 1951
Primary view of Wind-tunnel investigation of the effect of tab balance on tab and control-surface characteristics
Brewer, Jack D. & Queijo, M. J.
August 1, 1947
Primary view of A thermal system for continuous monitoring of laminar and turbulent boundary-layer flows during routine flight
Richardson, N. R. & Horton, E. A.
September 1, 1957
Primary view of The comparison of well-known and new wing sections tested in the variable density wind tunnel
Higgins, George J
May 1, 1925
Primary view of Model supports and their effects on the results of wind tunnel tests
Bacon, David L
February 1, 1923
Primary view of The N.A.C.A. recording tachometer and angle of attack recorder
Reid, H J E
August 1, 1923
Primary view of The NACA CYH airfoil section
Higgins, George J
June 1, 1926
Primary view of NACA flight-path angle and air-speed recorder
Coleman, Donald G
April 1, 1926
Primary view of Investigation at low speeds of the effect of aspect ratio and sweep on rolling stability derivatives of untapered wings
Goodman, Alex & Fisher, Lewis R.
March 1, 1949
Primary view of Introduction to the problem of rocket-powered aircraft performance
Ivey, H Reese; Bowen, Edward N JR & Oborny, Lester F
December 1, 1947
Primary view of Further experimental studies of area suction for the control of the laminar boundary layer on a porous bronze NACA 64A010 airfoil
Braslow, A. L. & Viscounti, F.
May 1, 1950
Primary view of Exploratory wind-tunnel investigation to determine the lift effects of blowing over flaps from nacelles mounted above the wing
Riebe, John M. & Davenport, Edwin E.
June 1, 1958