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Primary view of Investigation of Wingless Missile Configurations with Folding Controls and Low-Aspect-Ratio Stabilizing Surfaces
Lazzeroni, Frank A.
September 17, 1958
Primary view of A method for calculating the lift and center of pressure of wing-body-tail combinations at subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds
Nielsen, Jack Norman; Kaattari, George E. & Anastasio, Robert F.
November 12, 1953
Primary view of Method for estimating pitching-moment interference of wing-body combinations at supersonic speed
Kaattari, George E.; Nielsen, Jack Norman & Pitts, William C.
April 17, 1952
Primary view of Preliminary Results from Free-Jet Tests of a 48-Inch-Diameter Ram-Jet Combustor with an Annular-Piloted Baffle-Type Flameholder
Rayle, W. D.; Smith, I. D. & Wentworth, C. B.
May 11, 1955
Primary view of Preliminary Data on Rain Deflection from Aircraft Windshields by Means of High-Velocity Jet-Air Blast
Ruggeri, Robert S.
July 25, 1955
Primary view of Flight Instrument for Measurement of Liquid-Water Content in Clouds at Temperatures Above and Below Freezing
Perkins, Porter J.
March 5, 1951
Primary view of Impingement of Water Droplets on an NACA 65(sub 1) -212 Airfoil at an Angle of Attack of 4 Deg
Brun, Rinaldo J.; Serafini, John S. & Moshos, George J.
September 10, 1952
Primary view of Investigation of Porous Gas-Heated Leading-Edge Section for Icing Protection of a Delta Wing
Bowden, Dean T.
January 19, 1955
Primary view of Investigation of Power Requirements for Ice Prevention and Cyclical De-Icing of Inlet Guide Vanes with Internal Electric Heaters
VonGlahn, Uwe & Blatz, Robert E.
December 1, 1950
Primary view of Tracking Performance of a Swept-wing Fighter With a Directortype Radar Fire-control System and Scope Presentation
Heinle, D. R.; Rathert, G. A. & Turner, H. L.
January 20, 1958
Primary view of Transonic wind tunnel tests of the launch, jettison, and longitudinal characteristics of an airplane and missile model combination
Cleary, J. W.; Dewey, C. F., Jr. & Frank, J. L.
November 20, 1957
Primary view of Wind-tunnel Investigation at Subsonic and Supersonic Speeds of a Model of a Tailless Fighter Airplane Employing a Low-aspect-ratio Swept-back Wing-stability and Control
Smith, W. G.
January 12, 1953
Primary view of Wind-tunnel investigation of a 1/6-scale model of the Bumblebee XPM missile at high subsonic speeds
Nelson, W. H.
December 11, 1950
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of a 1/60-Scale Model of the Republic MX-1554 Airplane at a Mach Number of 2.85
Dickey, R. R. & Spahr, J. R.
March 18, 1953
Primary view of A wind tunnel investigation of several wingless missile configurations at supersonic speeds
Reese, D. E., Jr.
February 3, 1958
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a 0.07-Scale Model of the North American MX-770 Missile
Pfyl, F. A.
May 7, 1952
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of the Drag and Lateral-Stability Characteristics of a 1/22-Scale Model of a Bomber Airplane Employing a Low-Aspect-Ratio Triangular Wing
Phelps, E. R.
July 8, 1953
Primary view of Wind-tunnel measurements at subsonic speeds of the static and dynamic-rotary stability derivatives of a triangular-wing airplane model having a triangular vertical tail
Beam, B. H.; Lopez, A. E. & Reed, V. D.
April 25, 1955
Primary view of Wind-tunnel Tests of the Static Longitudinal Characteristics at Low Speed of a Swept-wing Airplane With Blowing Flaps and Leading-edge Slats
James, H. A. & Maki, R. L.
April 5, 1957
Primary view of Wing-body combinations with wings of very low aspect ratio at supersonic speeds
Jorgensen, L. H. & Katzen, E. D.
October 26, 1956
Primary view of Boundary-layer-transition measurements in full-scale flight
Banner, R. D.; Mctigue, J. G. & Petty, G., Jr.
July 28, 1958
Primary view of Boundary-Layer-Transition Measurements in Full-Scale Flight
Banner, Richard D.; McTigue, John G. & Petty, Gilbert, Jr.
July 28, 1958
Primary view of Altitude performance of a 20-inch-diameter ram-jet engine investigated in a free-jet facility at Mach number 3.0
Smolak, G. R. & Wentworth, C. B.
June 15, 1953
Primary view of Comparison and evaluation of two model techniques used in predicting bomb-release motions
Carlson, H. W.; Geier, D. J. & Lee, J. B.
December 27, 1957